Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your OTR Tires?

otr-tire-pressure-gaugeDriving a big piece of equipment is serious business. This is one of the reasons why people who operate heavy equipment are required to have appropriate training and in some cases an operator’s license. Properly maintaining your heavy equipment has too many benefits to ignore. Maintaining your OTR tires is also important.

A tire company wants to make sure you get everything you can out of your tires, but you will also need to make sure that you and all of your employees are safe at all times. A good set of OTR tires will last for quite a long time, but you may be able to get more months of good use out of them with great care. You can prolong the life of your tires with maintenance and proper care. Make sure your operators follow the necessary tips because if your equipment is running on low quality or unstable OTR tires, the end results could be tragic.

  • If you are not using any tires, you should store them in an appropriate location. A more appropriate location will be somewhere that does not get much light, preferably a dark corner of a warehouse. Make sure the area of the warehouse where you store the tires do not have any type of oils, chemicals, or cleaning supplies that could spill or leak on your tires.
  • Your tire pressures should be checked before you put the machine in operation. If you are just beginning your shift, you should check the pressure of the tires. When you are preparing to leave for the day, you will want to check the pressure again, especially after the tires have been able to cool slightly. It will not take up a significant amount of your time, and that extra little time you spend doing that will be worth it. You may also consider having your tire and wheel assemblies fitted with PressurePro TPMS sensors.
  • If you think your tires need more pressure or if you think they need less pressure, do what should be done. If your tires are not inflated enough, something tragic could happen, just as it can if your tires have too much pressure. Check your tires thoroughly and regularly. There could be holes, pinch cuts, or anything else that could cause you to have a blowout when you are operating your equipment.

It will not harm anything to check your tires before you use them every day. A few minutes of maintenance and inspection could save you from having a terrible accident. Do not ever use a machine or other piece of equipment if the tires are in poor shape. If you need new OTR tires, contact us. We want to make sure you get the absolute best out of your tires and get home safely at the end of a long day of work.


Image credit: New York State Dept of Health

Canadian mining industry – Majority of mining employers expect growth in 2015

As we start the year 2015 much of the world’s mining industry is in decline. This is due to slow manufacturing and construction sectors and sluggish economies. Demand for much of the mined commodities is steady or in decline and is expected to remain stagnant for some time.   The Canadian mining industry employers feel that they as a majority will expand their workforce in 2015 and buck the global mining industry’s downward trend.

According to a recent article by Mining Weekly “Canadian mining employers expect increased business activity – survey” the Hayes Canada Salary Guide survey revealed that most of the mining industry expects to add employees. Even in a downturn of the mining market many need more employees to maintain current levels and potential increased activity. There is a shortage of skilled labor within the mining areas of Canada. Employers find it hard to keep skilled workers for long periods as they bounce around from employer to employer for increased wages.

Many employers expect to fill their need with temporary employees instead of trying to add long-term workers to cut costs. The Canadian mining industry has always relied on temporary workers as demand changes and the need is steadily increasing as workers are less company loyal. The survey also showed that a very high percentage of employers expected to give raises and raise their new salary levels in the upcoming year. This is to help retain current employees and attract new hires to their firm from other industries. This is overall good news for the mining sector as well as the Canadian economy as it spreads money throughout the economy. routinely ships OTR tires to Canadian mines, for the best OTR tire deals any where in the world contact us!


Image credit: “Geologists Labrador Voiseys Bay mine” by Joshua Duggan – Geologist’s Playground. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

OTR Tire Deals for January 20, 2015

Hey everyone, we have some more great OTR tire deals for you this week.  We also have a few tire sizes we are looking to buy, check out the list below.

OTR Tires for Salemichelin-xts-otr-tire

2pc – 33.25R29 Michelin XTS – $9,300.00 each

4pc – 20.5R25 TechKing ET6A – $1,225.00 each

4pc – 23.5R25 TechKing ET6A – $1,600.00 each

4pc – 26.5R25 TechKing ET6A – $2,000.00 each

2pc – 29.5R25 TechKing ET6A – $2,700.00 each

4pc – 26.5R25 Michelin XLDD2 on Caterpillar wheels – $6,000.00 each


Wheels for Sale

8pc – New OE wheels that fit 26.5R25 – $300.00 each


Looking to Buy

We are looking for the following tires, if you have some that you are looking to sell, please contact us.

We are looking for a few 45-65×45 Chinese tires, or something that you are looking to liquidate.

We are also looking 4pc 35-65R33 Bridgestone VSNL.


All prices are per tire plus freight from 27508. If you have any further questions please let us know we look forward to working with you.


Bridgestone OTR Tire Deals

We hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start, and you enjoyed the time with your family. Below are a few deals we are looking to move this week. All tires have full serial numbers. If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to working with you, and wish you a prosperous 2015.

7pc – 31-90R49 Bridgestone VELS – $8,300.00 each

1800R33 Bridgestone VMTS – $4,600.00 each

29.5R25 Bridgestone VSNT – $5,700.00 each

29.5R25 Bridgestone VSDL – $7,900.00 each

26.5R25 Bridgestone VMT – $3,500.00 each

2pc – 2700R49 Goodyear RM4A+ – $8,200.00 each

1pc – 45-65R45 Michelin XLDD2 – $21,000.00

8pc – 17.5R25 Bridgestone VSW – $1,200.00 each – zero hour change overs


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Overseas OTR Tire Company Boosts Job Market at Home

Since the 2008 financial crisis, any news of growing economies and increased jobs comes as good news. That’s why the news about Bridgestone opening new manufacturing centers comes with such fanfare: it indicates not only that the OTR tire industry is booming but also that the boost in production is able to bring jobs to new areas around the world.

According to Tire Business, a new Bridgestone plant opening in South Carolina in November was heralded with joy by local residents due to the boost it would give their local economy:

“The amount of jobs we add to the community is tremendous,” Ms. Jones said. “The community is so grateful to have good paying jobs for our folks here to work with” (Tire Business)

But Bridgestone isn’t the only tire company investing in South Carolina:

The Palmetto State has attracted billions in investments from major tire firms such as Michelin, Bridgestone Corp. and Continental A.G. throughout the last 15 years, with new plants and hundreds of millions more in spending from Trelleborg A.B. and Giti Tire Group set to come over the next few years (Rubber News).

Active OTR manufacturing in the state has influenced other industries, of course, such as construction, transportation, and shipping. The overall benefit for South Carolina residents is almost incalculable.

But what really makes the opening of the new Bridgestone production center so significant is that this marks the company’s first radial OTR tire plant outside Japan.

Company executives seem thrilled to be able to offer more jobs and better product to this side of the world:

Tomohiro Fukuda, vice president, officer and chief quality officer of specialty tire business for Bridgestone Corp., called the Aiken County plant “a golden opportunity to produce superior giant tires for our customers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America” (Modern Tire Dealer).

As purveyors of OTR tires, we’re pleased to hear news of increased production and job growth. Please feel free to contact us for this week’s best deals.

Australian mining industry – Mining towns hit hard by falling prices

For over two decades the mining industry has been a boom for Australia’s economy and many small mining towns. Lower iron ore and coal prices have brought this boom and the good times to an end in these towns. According to a recent article by BBC “From boom to bust in Australia’s mining towns” small towns across Australia are being hit extremely hard by the downsizing of mining in Australia.

As mining picked up across Australia in the early 1990’s so did the economies of the small towns around them with a dramatic increase in population and money inflow. This has however come to an end leaving many miners displaced and looking for new work. Hundreds of homes in these little towns are now for sale, but there no buyers due to the lack of jobs.  The Australian mining industry boom was mostly due to demand from China which has slowed over the last year. This has caused many operations to lay off workers and put future investments on hold.

This is causing a rippling effect across Australia and starting to impact interest rates. Many workers are leaving their homes in search of work on mines that are still operating at full capacity, but they are also facing threats of layoffs if prices don’t change in the near future. Smaller operations are at risk of going bankrupt and have to downsize just to keep afloat during these price fluctuations. The demand for coal and iron ore from China and other countries may not increase anytime soon leading to many workers changing careers to make a living.

Lately, Buy Big Tires has been working with Australian mining firms to streamline their heavy equipment tire inventories to reduce inventory costs.  We have also been able to increase our inventory of high quality, gently used mining equipment tires.   If you are in the market for heavy equipment tires, now is a great time to buy because sellers are outnumbering buyers and we are able to get you great prices.  For the best OTR tire deals, contact us!


Image credit: “Fitzgerald River National Park DSC04436″. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

New Rigid Haul Trucks Offer Exciting Possibilities

As we move into 2015, we look forward to seeing how innovation in the area of rigid haul trucks will effect change in the industry. After all, 2014 saw several exciting new developments, including both the Komatsu HM400-3 and the new line of articulated Hitachi trucks.

The Komatsu HM400-3

A smaller vehicle with increased braking capacity and air-suspension seats, the Komatsu HM400-3 received favorable reviews when launched. Especially complimentary was Peter Barnwell of Car Reviews, who had the chance to test drive one of the machines late in the year. He seemed especially impressed with the new braking capabilities, and commented that a “short drive demonstrated life behind the wheel of a working vehicle might not be as tough as you think.”

The New Hitachi Line

Introduced in March of 2014 at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show in Las Vegas, the new Hitachi products caused quite a stir. Rolling out machines with greater horsepower, easy maintenance, and digital enhancements, the company had high hopes for their new products and seemed convinced that these machines would contribute great things to the industry:

“Hitachi doesn’t try to be a one-stop-shop, and we’re not a manufacturer of every piece of equipment for every site in the Americas…” said Craig LaMarque, division manager, Hitachi Construction and Mining. “By applying our legacy of advanced technology to a focused line of excavators and shovels, we are able to deliver reliable, productive, efficient and smooth-operating equipment.” (Construction Equipment Guide)

As the year rolls over from 2014 to 2015 and more of these machines are used on work sites around the world, it will be interesting to see how these claims hold up in reality.

Remember that we carry a full line of OTR tires for articulated dump trucks and rigid haul trucks of all sizes. For the best OTR tire deals, contact us!


Image credit: Car Reviews

Canadian Mining Industry Facing Increased Government Involvement

Recently the Canadian government has increased its involvement in the Canadian mining industry, and although some of this involvement will be heralded with joy in some quarters, other quarters of Canadian society will no doubt raise their voices in opposition.

Increased Advocacy

First, early in November, the Canadian government finally acknowledged its role in protecting Canadian mining’s international brands.

We as a government and Canadians broadly speaking expect our companies to do business in a way that reflects the highest ethical standards, that reflects the highest environmental standards, the highest level of corporate social responsibility, the highest level of transparency.” – International Trade Minister Ed Fast (570 News)

No doubt such advocacy will be greatly welcomed; however, there are other aspects of Canadian government involvement in the mining sector that will not be so welcome.

Increased Expectations

On the flip side of this advocacy is a rise in expectations from the government. On the heels of a promise of more government involvement to protect assets, Canadian mining companies are also being encouraged by the Governor General David Johnston not to do anything to tarnish Canada’s international image.

Having grown up in northern Ontario, Johnston has a deep interest in mining and wants to see Canadian companies stay true to a social conscience:

“In the mining area, one could argue that Canada sets the standard for the world in terms of what investment practices should be… Live up to your promises, because if you don’t it’s going to be bad for all.” (Blackburn News)

With several Canadian mining companies currently facing lawsuits over some questionable foreign activities, it seems that these strong statements must be somewhat warranted. We look forward to seeing how–if at all–these developments impact the international mining scene.

Remember that we stock a full complement of mining equipment tires.  We routinely ship tires to Canadian mines and elsewhere around the world.  For the best OTR tire deals, contact us!


Image credit: “David Lloyd Johnston(Brubacher House)” by Valacosa  – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Heavy equipment tires – Proper maintenance and prompt replacement key to safety

Heavy equipment operation comes with many hazards so it is imperative that equipment is properly maintained at all times. Tires are an integral part of equipment such as front-end loaders and haul trucks that keep them in secure traction with the surface at all times. Maintaining tires as well as promptly replacing tires at the right time will keep your equipment and employees safe.

Heavy Equipment Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment’s tires will ensure its effective operation and prevent the need for premature replacement. Proper tire inflation is essential to the integrity of heavy equipment tires as proper inflation is necessary for them to handle their rated weight specifications. Improper tire pressure can cause tire failure under load as well as unstable operation and handling of your equipment. It is recommended to test tire pressure before each use, especially when the tires will be carrying at or near maximum weight load. Tires should also be inspected regularly for any signs of unusual wear, dry rot or damage and be fixed or replaced accordingly.  Buy Big Tires is a provider of PressurePro tire pressure management systems and sensors so that equipment operators and site managers know the pressures and temperatures of their heavy equipment tires at all times.

Heavy Equipment Tire Replacement

Replacing heavy equipment tires can be costly especially when it comes to multiples pieces of equipment. Replacement cost is actually miniscule when you compare it to the costs of an accident or repairs needed due to faulty or worn out tires. It is imperative that any tires that have too little of tread, dry rot, cracking or weak points be replaced immediately. Tires with shallow tread depths are a threat to your equipment and workers’ safety. They will not get proper traction and could result in an accident. The age of tires should also be considered as older tires are more prone to failure. Replacing your tires as recommended will ensure your operation runs smoothly and without the worry of breakdowns or accidents which can be costly and cause lengthy downtime.

If you would like more information on heavy equipment tires or tire pressure monitor systems, please contact us.

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