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We would like to wish all our U.S. customers, suppliers and partners a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We are very thankful to have such great customers in the U.S. and abroad.  We hope everyone has safe travels and has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Show Off Your Mining Equipment: Inspire the Next Generation

touch-a-truckThose of us who work with big rigs every day often forget that for many people, being around large farming implements and mining equipment is somewhat of a novelty. Many of them have never known what it feels like to see an axle thicker than their own torso or to feel dwarfed by the sheer size of a single OTR tire.

That’s why we are always pleased to see community events encouraging the next generation to get up close and personal with the exciting machines that make farming, mining, and other industrial tasks possible.

Take for example the Touch-a-Truck event hosted by Michigan’s Sterling Heights community. At this hands-on event, residents could get into the driver’s seat of salt trucks, fire engines, front end loaders, rescue trucks, backhoes, and sewer trucks.

According to Doyle, participants will be able to take photos, climb in the vehicles and learn from the men and women who operate the rigs what they do every day.

Who knows what sort of long-term impact early experiences such as these could have on the young people exposed to them? Such exposure is key, because although infrastructure jobs tend to offer more equitable wages when compared to all other national occupations, they tend to be overlooked as viable career options by a large cross-section of the population. According to the Brookings Institution, infrastructure occupations are projected to increase 9.1 percent during the next decade, and that doesn’t even count the projected need to replace more than 2.7 million workers who will age out of the workforce.

Clearly, the time to alert our young men and women to these promising and fulfilling careers is now.

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Cat’s #DozerPride Campaign Another Big Hit

cat-d6n-dozerLast year we took some time to highlight Cat’s successful online ad campaign featuring big rigs, big stunts, and big tires. Most of the videos that made up the company’s clever “Built For It” campaign went viral, prompting marketing analysts to sit up and take notice.

This year, Cat’s back with an all-new tactic, one that we think you’ll enjoy just as much as we do.

Just recently, Cat released a music video to accompany their online #DozerPride campaign. In it, two construction workers rap about one of their newest bulldozers, the Cat D6N.

Cat® D6N | Dozer Pride Music Video

If the deadpan delivery doesn’t tickle your funny bone, the lyrics definitely will:

I’m pushing dirt, (okay!)

I’m spreading sand, (yeah!)

I’m grading roads, (uh huh!)

I’m clearing land

Ride in my dozer,

Take pride in my dozer,

When my wife is mad

I go and hide in my dozer (what!)

Online jokes abound. Construction Dive hilariously refers to the pair of rapping construction workers as “Notorious D.I.G.,” while online commenters react in shock that there’s finally a decent rap song about the hard work of an honest man. (We know what they say about not reading the comments under YouTube videos, but don’t worry: we read them so that you don’t have to.)

Of course, the D6N runs on tracks rather than tires, but that doesn’t mean that we love this video any less. In fact, we’re probably going to download the ringtone as soon as we finish writing this post.

Have any opinions about Cat’s latest viral video marketing campaign? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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Veterans Day – November 11, 2015

All of us at Buy Big Tires would like to give our gratitude and appreciation to those who have served.  Your sacrifices are never forgotten.  Thank you all for your service.


Three Recommended Field Trips for U.S. Mining History Buffs

If you’re as into U.S. mining industry history as we are (or if you are a school teacher or a homeschool parent), then you’ll find this list of recommended field trips quite helpful.

Three Recommended Field Trips for U.S. Mining History Buffs:


MollieKathleenGoldMine_IMG_6712Recommendation 1 – The Mollie Kathleen in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Descend a 1,000-foot vertical shaft while experiencing all the sights and sounds of air-powered mining equipment, including tuggers, slushers, stoper drills, drifter drills, and an 1890s steam hoist. Currently closed for renovations but re-opening in the spring of 2016, this one-of-a-kind experience includes a sample gold specimen taken from the Mollie Kathleen, a fact that’s sure to be a hit for kids of all ages.


welcome_to_gb_park_bearRecommendation 2 – Hangtown’s Goldbug Park & Mine in Placerville, California

If you find yourself smack in the center of El Dorado country, try exploring the Goldbug hardrock mine with your family and friends. After touring the mine, you have the option of stopping by the Hendy Stamp Mill, the Blacksmith Shop, or the historic Meagher House before trying your hand at gem panning.


mine_smRecommendation 3 – Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, New Jersey

This former working zinc mine is now an interactive museum focusing on geologic and mineral education. The glow-in-the-dark fluorescent minerals that can be seen during the underground mining tours are a special highlight. Above ground, the museum has amassed quite a collection of mining machinery.

Speaking of mining machinery, don’t forget that we carry a full supply of OTR tires for all of your mining equipment needs. If you have questions about the brands we carry, or if you’d like to discuss building a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drones the Future of the U.S. Mining Industry?

interspect_UAS_B-droneTwo years ago, when online retailing giant Amazon announced that it would begin delivering purchases via drones, a media frenzy ensued. Now, Amazon is only one of many companies using drones this way. Given the rapid rate of technological advancement, we are no longer surprised when we hear of companies using drones to save time, money, and energy costs. There seems to be some indication that the U.S. mining industry will soon jump on the drone bandwagon.

According to Tech.Co, drones are fast becoming the go-to choice for dull, dirty, or dangerous manual labor. Their use not only saves time (since drones can fly over obstacles and arrive on-site more quickly as a result) but also minimizes risk to their operators, who can control them and make assessments from the safety of a control room.

Because of the rapid rate of the expansion of drone use, the FAA has been behind the curve when it comes to developing regulations. Because of this, companies using drones to save their workers from their more dangerous tasks may soon be sent back to the drawing board as government regulations catch up with current practice.

Mining and drilling are both highly regulated industries in the U.S., but in this case it’s not an energy regulator but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that is trying to figure out how best to allow companies like BP and Barrick Gold, the world’s biggest gold mining concern, to deploy drones on US soil (The Guardian).

As we keep our eye on this developing story, we are interested to see where drone use takes the U.S. mining industry. We fully support any decision that ensures the safety and security of our hard-working mining friends, and we look forward to seeing healthy cooperation between mining officials and oversight committees.

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Image credit: “Interspect UAS B 3.1” by Bakó GáborSaját művem. Mind az eszköz készítésében részt vettem, mind a fényképet én készítettem. – Bakó Gábor. Licensed under CC0 via Commons

OTR Tires: A Fall News Roundup

Fall was a busy season in the world of OTR tires, and if you were too busy drinking pumpkin spice coffee and knitting new scarves to keep up with the news, that’s okay. We’ve gathered some of the best bits together in one place for you.

OTR Tires: A Fall News Roundup

  • “Galaxy Tire Founder David Ganz Dies” – The founder of the Galaxy Tire brand died on October 21 in his home in Belmont, Massachusetts. In addition to launching Galaxy’s successful off-road and agricultural tire lines, he was a pilot, a dedicated community leader, and an activist. It sounds as if Ganz made the same type of mark in the outside world that he did in the world of OTR tires.
  • “Continental Prepares OTR Tire Line” – Mid-Autumn, leaders at the German company Continental announced that they are preparing to roll out a new range of OTR tires before the end of 2015. Fulfilling an initiative announced in 2012, this move will broaden Continental’s tire portfolio and expand their presence worldwide. It will be interesting to see how their tires stack up against competitors, and how they will sell with current market conditions of low demand and high supply.
  • “OTR a Real Mixed Bag” – According to Tire Review, although mining and construction numbers are up, the crowded market ensures a mixed bag when it comes to quality. They recommend that you only work with a supplier that adheres to the following descriptions:

Has the technology to make a quality product with a commitment to R&D to innovate for the future

Stands behind their product, either with performance guarantees or quick resolution of warranty claims

Is committed to working with you to offer solutions to your customers, not just price.

Has technical support on the ground to help with training, applications and field problems.

Is committed to your success and to your independence.

We’re happy to report that all of the suppliers we distribute adhere to these principles. If you’re in the market for new OTR tires, remember that we carry a full line to meet all of your needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.

Connecticut’s Surprising Spot in U.S. Mining Industry’s History

flag-connecticutWhen we talk today of the U.S. mining industry, few of us would think to mention Connecticut. The fact remains, however, that the New England state holds an interesting place in mining history.

Connecticut’s complex geologic past provided our forefathers with a substantial mineral legacy. Significant iron ore deposits, copper ore, garnets, marble, limestone, basalt and brownstone all provide or have provided for profitable mining operations in our state at one time or another (Connecticut Antique Machinery Association).

As more significant deposits of iron, copper, and other minerals were discovered in the West during the country’s expansion, however, Connecticut neglected the mining of most natural resources, with one exception: pegmatite.

ctamachinery-mine-blastingFirst mined in Connecticut in 1825, pegmatite is the source of several minerals still considered important today: feldspar, quartz, and mica. Used in electronics, these minerals are no longer mined primarily in Connecticut, and residents seeking to view pegmatite would be best served in looking for samples in museums and the homes of mineral collectors. In addition, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection owns several abandoned pegmatite quarries and allows mineral clubs access for collecting on a limited basis.

Connecticut was never considered a significant contributor of gold, but the state does contain small amounts of placer gold. Reports from prospectors in Connecticut show that panning for several hours might produce a few flakes of color; gold acquisition in the state amounts to little more than a hobby.

Although Connecticut is no longer considered a primary mining state, its past does demonstrate an interesting place in U.S. mining history. No matter where you happen to work, remember that we carry a full supply of OTR tires for all of your mining needs. Please feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credits:

Flag of Connecticut” by Jean-Pierre Demailly, xrmap authors, Commons users (SVG) – from the xrmap flags collection, version 2.7. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

Mining Museum Blasting Exhibit at CTAmachinery.com

Brazilian Mining Downturn Not a True Reflection of the Industry

It’s been a tough year for the Brazilian mining industry; however, that’s not entirely their fault. Other factors have been at work. For one thing, the downturn is related in some part to the country’s overall industrial downturn. Inflation, rising interest rates, and government spending cuts have worked together to weaken consumer demand.

Because everything rises and falls on leadership, Brazilians have no one to thank but their leaders. We use that term leader quite loosely in this instance. The country’s president faced impeachment at the beginning of October; however, her accusers hardly fell on the side of righteousness:

The real tragedy is that in this political drama those involved are almost all villains. Within the PSDB (Social Democratic party), which narrowly lost the elections to the PT (Workers’ party) in 2014, every political hopeful is in search of a strategy to guarantee a seat in government, putting their personal ambitions above the interests of the country (The Guardian).

With such shenanigans taking place at the highest levels, is it any wonder that the country’s industries are suffering?

Many have directly blamed the government for Brazil’s steadily sinking GDP, claiming that the recent mining downturn is more a political problem than an industrial one. We tend to agree with this assessment.

Since we routinely ship tires to mines in both North and South America, we have a vested interest in seeing things turn around; but that’s not our greatest concern. We stand with the hard-working men and women of the mining industry. We wish our Brazilian brothers and sisters the best of luck in the days to come.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to hear about our latest deals, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Positive News for Beleaguered Australian Mining Industry


Amidst continued worrying reports from the much-beleaguered Australian mining industry come a few rays of sunshine.

Positive News for Beleaguered Australian Mining Industry:

First, Market Watch reports that Australia leads the iron ore mining market in recently released projections.

The Global Iron Ore Mining Market to 2020 research report says worldwide iron ore reserves were 190 billion tonnes (Bnt) as of January 2015, with Australia accounting for the largest share at 53Bnt or 27.9% of the total.

In these reports, Australia edges out other heavy hitters Brazil, Russia, China, and India to claim the top spot. Let’s hope for the sake of Australian miners that the global economy picks up again soon so they can mine those reserves..

Second, Australian miners have hopes that their new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull will kickstart reforms to revive the sector. Although the changes are not unopposed, the prime minister’s strong history of economic reform success has many excited about the possibilities.

Third, one silver lining of the decade-long downturn has been its effectiveness in leading recent graduates from university to diversify their skills base. Although many of these enhanced training programs have been put into place to prevent the loss of skilled and highly-trained individuals during a time of crisis, they’ve still served to form a more well-rounded and informed group of laborers in the end.

When the industry does turn around eventually, the sector will find itself more equipped than ever before to handle the work load. As we keep our eye on Australia’s situation, we look forward to bringing you more positive news in the days to come.

Remember that we carry a full stock of OTR tires for all of your mining needs–whether at home or abroad. Please feel free to contact us with questions or to hear about our most current deals.


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