Buyer Beware: Warnings for Front End Loader Users

Front end loader safety tips - accidents do happen.As relatively easy as operating a front end loader may appear, drivers of these powerful machines must demonstrate extreme care in order to maintain their safety and the safety of others. They must take precautions before, during, and after their jobs to maintain their own safety and the safety of those around them.

When they do not invest the care and attention required, disaster can be the result. Take the following two examples as cautionary tales:

In an unfortunate accident, an employee at Monaghan Mushroom Ltd. in Ontario, Canada, accidentally backed over a coworker, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Although the driver was only held partially responsible — it was later determined that the company should have ensured proper safety procedures by limiting employee movement in the area while heavy equipment was in operation — a little bit of extra care and attention could have saved a life (Queen’s Printer).

That’s why drivers of front end loaders must take extreme care both before and during their time behind the wheel to ensure that those around them are kept safe. A little attention to detail really can go a long way.

Likewise, unwise front end loader use led to an unfortunate brushfire being inadvertently ignited by a Maryland farmer. As he used his loader to move his ash pile, he accidentally reignited the fire, sparking a fire in a nearby thicket (Washington Post).

That’s why drivers of front end loaders must account for all factors as they set about their tasks in order to ensure a smooth and drama-free work zone.

Whatever use you make of your front end loaders, we hope that you’re taking proper precautions and practicing wise front-end-loader ownership.

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Rocky Terrain for Mexican Mining Industry

Mexican mining industry is poised for continued growth thanks to a rich natural endowment of minerals and metals“April is the cruelest month,” British poet T.S. Eliot once lamented.

Although it’s doubtful he was thinking of the Mexican mining industry when he penned those words, he might as well have been, given recent developments. A peek at the latest news reveals that April has not been kind to the industry south of the border.

First, Canadian gold mining giant Goldcorp reported on April 2 that it has suspended work in its Los Filos mine due to land dispute issues. The mining work has been suspended for an indefinite period. Meanwhile during the suspension, a dispute continues to rage among locals concerning whether the mine should be allowed to reopen. Some believe in the importance of keeping the mine open for economic purposes (the mine employs thousands of people), while others express significant concerns regarding the environmental damage inflicted by the mining process.

Second, Endeavor Silver reported on April 5 that tragedy struck their mines not once but twice that week, with two fatalities being reported from their mines. This is sad news, of course, and sympathy is expressed to family and friends of the deceased, but this fatality means further complications for Endeavor Silver:

[T]he Company has decided to immediately implement a full safety retraining program at all three mines. Each mine will shut down for two days so each shift in turn can receive a two day refresher course on safety policies and practices. In addition, Endeavour will retain a group of safety specialists to review the company safety programs and implement their recommendations. (Digital Journal)

It can only be hoped that the second half of April will be kinder to the Mexican mining industry than the first half has been. Here’s to April showers, May flowers, and sunny days ahead for Mexican mines. provides service and OTR tires to numerous mines throughout Mexico.  We carry a full complement of OTR tires for all your mining equipment.  If you are looking for a reliable OTR tire partner, you’ve stopped at the right place.  Contact us for the best deals.

OTR Tire Deals for April 11 2014

BuyBigTires is moving their OTR tire inventory to a new yard.We are moving our tires to a new location, and wanted to offer you substantial savings on some of the tires.

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  • 9pc 1800×25 Henan E3 32ply 1025.00 each
  • 1pc 1800×25 Xtreme Load L5S 26ply 1250.00
  • 10pc 18.4×30 Titan 8ply 655.00 each
  • 2pc 440-80R28 (16.9R28) Michelin XMCL 425.00 each
  • 6pc 17.5×25 Xtreme Load L5S 20ply 1250.00 each
  • 2pc 2700R49 Titan 007MFT HE Spot Repair 7500.00 each
  • 6pc 3700R57 Titan 007MFT 19000.00 each


Many other items in stock. If you need something else, or have inventory you are looking to move please let us know. Thanks for your time, and have a GREAT DAY!

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Is Your Mining Equipment Ready for the Next Century?

Futuristic EFT mine haul truck

When it comes to mining equipment tires, is an industry leader in providing tires for every piece of equipment at the mine site.  Our customers demand only the best for their operations, and we provide only the best in tires for all sorts of environments.  Whether it is driving a scraper down a steep grade, moving rock overburden from a coal seam with a front end loader, or hauling ore out of a pit in your haul truck, you cannot count on just any tire to get the job done.  The tools of your trade, that have been instrumental in putting modern resource extraction where it is today, are only as good as the tires they run on.  In any condition, in any climate, you can put your trust in tires that are built for the job.  And you can put your trust in our knowledgeable staff to help you select the correct tires for your mining application.

Consider this, the population of the world is at an all-time high, and industry, and resource extraction has to keep up.  New mines are built every day to accommodate for this demand, in places that half a century ago were nearly impossible to access, much less mine.  There are a few reasons for this.  First of all, scarcity of materials means that new pits have to be dug to meet the demand of metals and fossil fuels, when so much has already been played out over the decades.  Also, the technology has improved, enabling mining to be done in places that were too remote, dangerous, or otherwise difficult to run without better, more sophisticated technology.

More demand for raw materials means powerful equipment, hauling more, digging deeper, and running longer hours, in harsher conditions–from the arctic to the tropics.  This also means that you need tires that are built to last, against anything Mother Nature can throw at them.  These aren’t tires you would see on the farm, or at a monster truck rally. These tires are meant to operate in the harshest of conditions.

Contact us if you want to find out which tires are best for your operation. Our experts are ready to work with you on whatever your mining equipment needs might be.

Are you going to be the one to meet the industry demand?  Or are you going to be the one left in the dust?  Your success or failure could be riding on the same thing as your equipment.

Front Loaders: Different Uses Require Different Tires

Front loaders are truly versatile machines. Used to move materials such as dirt, snow, or even bricks or pipe, they’re a valuable tool to have on the construction site, on the farm, by the military for use in building as well as demolition of buildings and removal of roadblocks, or anywhere else where there’s a need to move material safely and efficiently.

Hyundai front loader OTR tires. Hyundai front end loader cleaning up debris after major weather disaster.

Some trusted front loader manufacturers include Caterpillar, Case, Doosan Infracore, JCB, John Deere, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Kramer, Hyundai and Kubota. Large loaders generally only have a front bucket, while it is common for smaller loaders to also feature a backhoe. Most front loaders are wheeled, though there are also tracked models as well. The assembly of the front loader can either be removable — enabling the bucket to be switched out for a different tool — or permanently attached.

The type of front loader tires you need depends on the type of machine you have and the environment you’re using it in. is your source for new and used loader tires.  We have a huge inventory of OTR tires for all different sizes of front loaders. We are able to get your tires to you quickly, wherever you are in the world. Find the tire that fits your machine by using our convenient OTR tire tool, or contact us and speak to our knowledgeable staff today.

The state of your equipment affects your bottom line. We work hard to find the tires you need for your machinery so that you can keep your equipment working hard.


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Technological Developments Continue to Impact the Australian Mining Industry

Automated mine haul trucks.

Automated mine haul trucks.

Over the course of the past few decades, the Australian mining industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Local circumstances, national situations, and global factors have all contributed to the rising and falling levels of supply and demand, which naturally in turn has impacted the Australian mines and the miners themselves.

One of the more recent considerations to have a direct impact on Australian miners has been the development of new technologies and their impact on staffing needs. According to the Courier Mail, as the global industry sees the use of robotics on the rise, there has also been a general uptick of salary demands on the part of unionized Australian workers. Unfortunately, this combination of factors has produced a situation in which these laborers may come in danger of pricing themselves straight out of their jobs.

According to Sam Walsh, chief executive at Rio Tinto Group, young Australian miners are especially in danger of being negatively impacted by this phenomenon:

“There are jobs for those who want them but it will be supplemented by automated trucks and trains and drills and so on. There are tradeoffs between automation and having operators do things. If you are not careful it will reach the stage where people price themselves out of the market.” (Courier Mail)

Coming on the heels of the cooling of the global commodities boom, Australia’s struggle to adjust wages while accommodating new technologies does not provide the most favorable of environments for unions to push for higher levels of compensation. Although there is nothing wrong with workers seeking what they believe to be a more fair and accurate compensation for their labors, within the free market system, there are always limits to how far their appeals can go.

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Image credit: Big Cat by Jonathan Boeke

Something New: The Hitachi EH1100-5 Haul Truck

Hitachi EH1100-5 Haul Truck

During the ONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show in Las Vegas this March, the world got its first peek at the Hitachi EH1100-5 Haul Truck. This exciting new installment in Hitachi’s rigid-haul dump truck line is built with the same high standards as past offerings but includes new and exciting improvements guaranteed to boost productivity and serviceability.

“Hitachi doesn’t try to be a one-stop-shop, and we’re not a manufacturer of every piece of equipment for every site in the Americas. We prefer to do one thing better than anyone and refuse to spread ourselves too thin, trying to be everything to everybody,” said Craig LaMarque, division manager, Hitachi Construction and Mining. (Hitachi)

Their effort to do one thing better than everyone else is obvious in their new rigid haul dump truck, the EH1100-5. With a net machine weight of over 100,000 pounds, this beautiful monstrosity has the ability to handle a nominal payload of 70 tons. Increased payload capability isn’t the only improved feature, however. Other product highlights include a more efficient engine with an advanced cooling package, more remote monitoring capability, an improved access system with inclined steps, provision for quicker refueling options, and upgraded cab features. And these are only the highlights scroll down to see a list of impressive new specifications for the Hitachi EH1100-5 haul truck.

Best of all, this exciting new machine perches gloriously atop four impressive 2400R35 OTR tires.

Whether or not you plan to make use of the new Hitachi EH1100-5 haul truck, remember that we carry a full range of OTR tires for all of your mine haul trucks. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to take advantage of our best deals.

Hitachi EH1100-5 Haul Truck Specifications

Target Gross Machine
Operating Weight (TGMOW)
240,194 lb. (108 950 kg)
Net Machine Weight 100,200 lb. (45 450 kg)
Nominal Payload 70 tons (63.5 tonnes)
Tires 24.00 R35/80 R63
Engine Cummins QSK23
Power 760hp (567 kW)
Speed 36.2 mph (58.2 km/h)
Drive Allison H6620A


Engine Make / Engine Model Cummins QSK23
Non-road emission standards U.S. EPA Tier 2
Displacement 1,404 in3 (23.0 L)
Net power (ISO 9249) 698 hp (520 kW) @ 2,100 rpm


Model Allison H6620A
Design Fully automatic, planetary type with integral lock-up converter
Mounting/Position Remote from engine and rear axle for serviceability
Ranges 6 forward, 2 reverse
Control Allison CEC3 electronic shift system with SEM (Shift Energy Management) and OSR (Optimum Start Range)

Potential Hassles Caused by Big Tires

We sell big tires. Truly big ones.

Chances are high that if you don’t frequent mines or work in agriculture, you’re not going to stumble across tires as big as ours.  But that doesn’t mean that big tires don’t impact your life. When’s the last time you pondered the big rigs out on the roads today?

Mad Max style Russian big rig truck drivingWhether your job description involves driving a big rig or whether you just share the road with them, your safety is equally important. With the number of trucking accidents having increased by 20% over the last two decades, it’s never been more important to practice safety first when on the open roads.

According to the Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2002, 4,897 individuals died and 130,000 people were injured in crashes that involved a large truck. And even though large trucks are only responsible for 3% of injury-causing motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents typically cause much greater harm than ordinary traffic accidents due to the large size and heavy weight of most trucks. (Nolo’s Legal Encyclopedia)

Road Safety for Big Rig Truck Drivers:

Step One: Be alert. Many accidents are caused by driver errors. Don’t let sleepiness, inattention, distraction, medication, or poor driving habits be the cause of a collision. Do what you must to keep yourself fresh and alert.

Step Two: Give attention to regular maintenance. Most large companies require their drivers to complete regular checklists to ensure that all components of the truck are in good repair and proper working order. It’s important to take such checks seriously. If you’re a private contractor, do not skip over preventative maintenance and routine checks: they could make all the difference in the world.

Step Three: Practice weather-appropriate driving techniques. The larger the size and weight of the truck, the more important it becomes to take weather conditions into account and adjust speed and distance as needed.

Step Four: Don’t be in a hurry. Some things should not be rushed. While it’s important to keep to the schedule and arrive on time, it’s more important to arrive alive. Don’t let a rush either to get ahead or to make up for lost time cause you to endanger yourself or the other drivers on the roadway.

While we’re thankful for big trucks and the ease with which they can transport heavy loads long distances, we acknowledge that having them on the roadways does increase the need for care and caution.

Of course, we specialize in tires of a much larger nature: tires large and massive enough for the type of heavy machinery that, if it were to take to the roadways, would tear them up completely. We carry a full array of OTR tires for all of your earth moving equipment needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.

Canadian Mining Industry News a Mixed Bag

good news bad newsIf you have been keeping abreast of the news from the Canadian mining industry, then you no doubt have been shaking your head over all of the mixed signals. While positive growth is evident in certain areas, other aspects of the industry raise some serious concerns.

The good news is that at the beginning of March, Toronto’s Mining Weekly announced a “renewed sense of optimism” due to the recently-adopted Mining Act. Junior executives were cheered that the industry was growing while the need for government financial assistance dropped.

By adopting Bill 70, with opposition party support, the Quebec government has made a solid step to support the development of the mining industry. Such government efforts must continue, especially from Ottawa, whose current level of support is very marginal, as demonstrated by the results of our survey. (Anand Beejan, Mining Weekly)

But this positive news has not been unmixed by other concerns.

The bad news is that due to certain comments made at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) in March, questions are now being raised about transparency in the financial dealings of Canada’s global mining leaders. According to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initative (EITI), companies must meet a series of standards to disclose international payments, making them easier to track across borders. Although key players in the industry seem to have made steps to comply with new transparency standards, some companies have been keeping their own records, raising concerns that this “compliance” is really “secrecy by obscurity” (The Star).

Transparency issues are indeed legitimate concerns, but it is important to remember that they are concerns brought on by growth. Were the Canadian mining industry not thriving, such growth pains would not be evident.

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OTR Tire Deals for March 24, 2014

We hope that you all had a great weekend. Below are a few OTR tires that we are looking to move out this week.

  • 24pc 17.5×25 Titan L2 16ply 450.00 each
  • 8pc 17.5R25 Bridgestone VKT 1100.00 each
  • 12pc 23.5×25 Firestone SGG 12ply 825.00 each
  • 12pc 29.5R25 Yokohama RT41 5450.00 each
  • 12pc 23.5R25 Goodyear RT3B 2175.00 each
  • 4pc 35-65R33 Michelin XRDNA 7100.00 each
  • 4pc 50-65R51 Bridgestone VSDL – CALL for Price
  • 4pc 53.5-85×57 Firestone SDTLD 67000.00 each
17.5R25 Bridgestone VKT

17.5R25 Bridgestone VKT

All prices are plus freight. If you have further questions please let us know. We look forward to working with you again.

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