Join us at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo – July 23rd to 25th 2014

Latin America & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2014The team will be exhibiting at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo this year.  The Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo is the leading tire show in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.  2014 marks the 5th anniversary of the expo.  This years Expo will be held at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Panama.  The Republic of Panama is a strategic commercial hub for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Each attendee will be receiving a post card along with the rest of their Expo material when they register at the Expo.  Each post card will also include a key.  One key will will open the lock to our Expo prize, a brand new iPad Air!  So make sure you stop by our booth, M708.  It is on the second floor of the exhibitor area.

We hope all the exhibitors and attendees have a fun and productive time at the Expo.  We look forward to making lots of great connections.

For more information and to register for the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, please visit the Expo website.


Remember, stop by Booth M708 for your chance to win an iPad Air

iPad Air Photo from

iPad Air Photo from

OTR Tire Deals for July 9, 2014 – Blem Specials!

Today we are offering you a great opportunity to save some serious cash on some OTR tires you may need. Below is a list of OTR tires that include some odd ball blemishes and some first lines that we are looking to move.

  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XTLA – $1,575.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XTLA – $1,475.00 – Take Off
  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin X-Mine – $4,200.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XLDD2 – $3,150.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 23.5R25 Michelin X-Mine – $3,800.00
  • 1pc – 23.5R25 Michelin XADN – $2,700.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 23.5R25 Michelin X-Snow – $2,700.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 26.5R25 Michelin XHA2 – $3,650.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 26.5R25 Michelin XHA – $3,500.00 – Spot Repair 
  • 4pc – 29.5R25 Michelin X-Mine D2 – $8,400.00 – Cosmetic Blemish
  • 4pc – 29.5R25 Michelin XHA2 – $4,950.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 35-65R33 Michelin XRDNA – $7,250.00
  • 4pc – 750-65R25 Michelin XLD – $3,750.00
  • 6pc – 2700R49 Bridgestone VREP E2A – Call for price.
  • 1pc – 35-65×33 General LD250 42ply – $5,800.00

Price is per tire plus freight. All are new, no repairs unless otherwise noted.

We also have several hundred blem truck tires if you have any interest please call, or email.

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Adjusting to New Truck Drivers’ Limits

rest-area-signLast July, the government set new limits on the number of hours that truck drivers could work, and the changes have some industry leaders up in arms. Among other things, these new standards reduced a driver’s maximum workweek from 82 hours to 70 hours, required a 30-minute break in the first eight hours of a shift, and mandated a 34-hour break between a driver’s work weeks.

But all parties involved are not pleased with these new requirements. According to a source within the American Trucking Association, these rules hobble productivity, shrink wages, and cause undue delay in deliveries:

“The government has forced drivers into basically a five-day workweek,” says David Osiecki, head of legislative affairs for the American Trucking Associations (Pensacola News Journal)

While it’s hard not to sympathize with how government mandates might affect the drivers’ opportunities to make the most of their careers, it’s also easy to see that without these standards in place, it could be tempting for drivers to push themselves beyond their limits just to earn a little bit more each week.

Although the truck driver involved in the well-publicized Tracy Morgan accident in June is reported to have been working within the legal regulations at the time of the crash, this incident has heightened public awareness and naturally raised public concerns regarding the potential dangers for all drivers sharing the roadways with big rigs.

With such concerns heavy on the public psyche, perhaps now is not the best time to be pushing back against the laws put in place to keep all drivers on the roadways safe.

Have an opinion on this subject or want to share a concern? Please share it with us in the comments.

Remember that we carry a full array of big tires for your big trucks. Please feel free to contact us for the best deals.


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Celebrating the Fourth of July with Awesome OTR Tire Deals!

july-16674_640 offices will be closing at 1:00pm EDT on July 3, 2014 and will be closed all day on July 4th to celebrate the Independence of the great nation of the United States of America.  To celebrate Independence Day we have some awesome tire specials for you.  Lock in these prices by calling us before we close on July 3rd.  These tires will be gone by then!

Fourth of July OTR Tire Deals

4pc 35-65×33 Titan LD250 42ply – $8,100.00 each

6pc 2700R49 Goodyear RM4A+ – $8,900.00 each

1pc 2700R49 Goodyear RL4H – $6,900.00

4pc 23.5R25 Goodyear RT3B – $2,300.00 each

4pc 50-65R51 Bridgestone VSDL – $44,000.00 each

3pc 50-80×57 Firestone SRGDT – $46,000.00 each

6pc 3600R51 Michelin XDRB – $19,000.00 each

2pc 40-65×39 Titan LD250 – $10,100.00 each

4pc 1600R24 Bridgestone VKT – $950.00 each

If you are in the USA we hope you have a great and safe holiday. If you have any questions please contact us. As always, thank you for your business.


Happy Fourth of July, America!


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Front End Loaders to the Rescue!

Ready to save the day at a moments notice!

Ready to save the day at a moments notice!

Although we may occasionally decry front end loaders as the problem children of the heavy equipment family, we’re also willing to give credit where credit is due. Recently several industrious front end loaders distinguished themselves by proving to be great assets in times of community crisis, and for that we salute them.

  • Exhibit A: Missy the Horse Pulled from Muddy Creek. When Oregon-based horse Missy tumbled down an embankment and became mired in quicksand-like mud, there seemed little hope. But alongside local fire and rescue operators, one industrious local front end loader stepped in to save the day, hauling Missy to safety and returning her to the care of her worried owner.
  • Exhibit B: Pesky Excavators Shifted so that City’s Water Source Could Be Accessed. The town of Gweru in Zimbabwe only has one water source: the Gwenoro Dam. When a pipe burst, disrupting the town’s water supply, heavy excavators brought in to help fix the problem only served to deepen the crisis when they became stuck and blocked access for those working on fixing the pipe. Enter two brave front end loaders, who were quickly able to move the excavators and allow the technicians to get back on the job of restoring water to thirsty citizens.
  • Exhibit C: Collapsing Riverbanks Kept in Check During Localized Flooding. During three days of local flooding in China’s Beijing district of Fangshan, several courageous front end loaders were able to shore up collapsing riverbanks during the crisis in order to allow more time for local residents to evacuate.

The evidence is clear that while front end loaders may occasionally appear to be the black sheep of the heavy equipment industry, when they are really needed, they always rise to the occasion.

Remember that we carry a full stock of big tires for all of your front end loader needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.


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Caution for Farmers Using Heavy Equipment

Overturned tractor accident on farm. Exercise caution with your farm tractor. Accidents can and do happen...even to experienced operators.

Exercise caution with your farm tractor. Accidents can and do happen…even to experienced operators.

Farming has always been a chancy business. Anybody who has read The Grapes of Wrath knows that. But Dust Bowl Era concerns aside, although farming is an important and noble pursuit, none of us are able to kid ourselves that it’s a particularly safe one.

According to the CDC, in the year 2010, “476 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury, resulting in a fatality rate of 26.1 deaths per 100,000 workers.” Of these injuries, tractor overturns were the leading cause of death.

But let’s be honest: tractors aren’t the only dangers. There are plenty of other ways to be injured on a farm: you could be kicked by horses, burned by hazardous chemicals, trapped in silos and smothered with grain, electrocuted by faulty switches or power lines, injured in a fall, or damaged by the weather through sunstroke, dehydration, hypothermia, or even severe sunburn.

Farm safety is such a concern that Minnesota and Iowa’s joint news service KIMT recently pushed a story advising all farmers to consider equipment safety a high priority.

“We kind of pass the safety deal and kind of think it’s not to happen to us but it does,” said Gary Sturges a local farmer from Rockwell…. It’s experience he says is valuable when it comes to respecting the sheer size of the equipment” (KIMT)

Which sounds well enough until the end of the article, at which time readers are reminded that 80% of tractor-related deaths happen with an experienced driver behind the wheel.

It behooves all heavy-equipment workers then, both farmers and non-farmers alike, to exercise extreme caution and never to consider themselves to be beyond the point of making mistakes.

Remember that we carry a full array of OTR and heavy equipment tires for all of your farming and mining needs. Please feel free to contact us for the best deals.


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Media Coverage for the Canadian Mining Industry a Mixed Bag

The phrase “no news is good news” has become common for a reason. After all, media leaders don’t earn awards and ratings from producing articles that read, “All is fine — all is well — nothing to see here — nothing going on, actually.” On the contrary. It’s precisely when all is not well that the media thrives.

For that reason alone, we’re tempted to cut the Canadian mining industry a little slack. Although some current reports may sound grim, the discerning reader must certainly be aware that the bad news is not the only news.


The bad news, though, is quite bad. Early in June, the Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT), an international mining tribunal, found Canadian companies guilty of certain mining injustices:

In a preliminary verdict, delivered on June 1, an international jury found Canadian mining companies operating in Latin America responsible for having failed to respect and ensure human rights in their operations, in contravention of international human rights law. The jury also found the Canadian state and Latin American states responsible for the continued violation of human rights. (The McGill Daily)

Fortunately, as has already been stated, this troubling news is not the only news coming out of Canada. Encouraging reports that the struggling junior mining sector has rallied due to diversification has certainly come as a pleasant surprise. The fact that this diversification involves the growth of medical marijuana is a bit controversial to some, but the fact remains that this shift has been good for the bottom line and for the overall growth of the industry as well.

As the media chooses what to report and what not to report regarding international mining issues, we never fail to remember the miners themselves — the ones who go to work day in and day out, quietly and efficiently fulfilling their responsibilities no matter what  shenanigans the corporate executives are getting up to or what’s being reported by the media machine.

Remember that we carry a full stock of big tires for all of your mining equipment needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credit: McGill Daily

Beleaguered Australian Mining Industry Looks to Catch a Break

AustralianFlagContinentIt is no secret that the Australian mining industry has had its share of ups and downs. Mostly downs lately, to be honest. Run a simple Google news and note that it reveals almost nothing but bad news.

  • “Australian Mining Costs Have Rocketed to the Highest in the World” (Courier Mail). Because mining costs have quadrupled between 2002 and 2012, even Australia’s largest and most successful mines have seen massive economic reversals.
  • “Australian Mining Industry Faces Large-Scale Job Cuts” (Kable). Naturally, escalating costs have not been kind to the bottom line, and with the end of the mining boom bringing about sluggish demand, the only alternative for many mining companies is to cut labor costs.
  • “Australian Coal Companies Used Spies to Infiltrate Group of Activists” (ThinkProgress). In an effort to keep the construction of their new $767 million open-cut coal mine on track, mining executives have stooped to what many would consider shady dealings.
  • “Chinese Getting Impatient with Australian Miners” (Sydney Morning Herald) Major shareholders taking more proactive approaches to their investments have led to some pretty major shakeups as Chinese investors launched a recent series of takeovers of Australian mining resources.

We could go on, but space is limited, and your time is valuable (and if you really want more examples, we’re sure that with a few clicks, Google would be happy to oblige).  It’s not that we want to sound like a bunch of negative Nancies but it is important to point out when vital industrial sectors are struggling.

Suffice it to say that although the Australian mining industry has a strong history of success, as a whole, they’ve certainly seen better days. It is our hope, though, that this trend will turn around and the country’s industry will continue to strengthen and grow.

Remember that we carry a full array of tires for all of your mining equipment needs. We routinely ship OTR tires to Australia, even in a down mining economy! Feel free to contact us for more information on the best deals.


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Big Rig Drivers Encouraged to Exercise Caution

Actor Tracy Morgan This month’s well-publicized crash involving a Walmart truck and actor Tracy Morgan’s limo bus, while a tragedy, has nevertheless helped to shine a spotlight on a very important issue.

Every day, thousands of big rig drivers belly up to the steering wheel and head out to the open road. Every day, thousands of them make wise choices, practice proper safety procedures, and arrive at their desired destinations in one piece. Unfortunately, many of them make fatal mistakes as well.

It behooves us, then, to remind big rig drivers everywhere to refresh themselves with these safety tips:

  • Don’t Speed. The facts are clear: if you speed, chances that you will be involved in an accident increase. Speeding also shortens reaction time, meaning that drivers who are going too fast have less time to make critical, life-saving decisions.
  • Don’t hog the road. Remember that although you might be the biggest thing on the road today, you’re by no means the most important. Take care to watch out for smaller vehicles, leaving plenty of room to maneuver.
  • Don’t drive drowsy. Most of us can close our eyes, go back to our teen years, and hear our dad’s voice in our heads, saying, “Whatever you do, don’t fight sleep.” It was good advice then, and it’s good advice now. If you feel yourself nodding, pull over.

A quick Google search would be all it would take to provide a screen full of cautionary tales demonstrating what could happen if you ignore these simple pieces of advice. Although most of these accidents don’t warrant the type of media attention that the Tracy Morgan crash has garnered, all of them involve real people — people who woke up that morning and got ready for the day never imagining that anything tragic would happen to them.

Make it a point not to join their ranks. Slow down, share the road, and don’t fight sleep.


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Arizona Officials Recognize Value of Mines, Mining Equipment

Automated mine haul trucks.On May 30, 2014, Arizona state officials took part in a Mining Day at their state capitol, celebrating alongside representatives from from mining companies and schoolchildren visiting from four area schools. The purpose of Mining Day was to spotlight the positive impact that the mining industry has had on Arizona’s state development.

“The products produced through mining have a positive economic and strategic effect for our state and our nation,” [president of Arizona Mining Association's Kelly] Norton said. “In 2012, the mining industry had a direct and indirect employment totaling 52,100 jobs. Of that total, 12,100 were direct mining employees. The mining industry had an estimated direct and indirect impact on the Arizona economy of nearly $5 billion” (Your West Valley)

Fortunately, Arizona has never taken the mining industry for granted, and local media outlets seem more than willing to give credit where credit is due. A recent article in the Arizona Daily Star even focused specifically on haul trucks, stating that their importance “could not be overstated.” Coming on the scene at a critical time, haul trucks vastly improved workers’ efficiency as they replaced wheelbarrows and other types of hand labor.

It’s no wonder, then, that haul trucks featured prominently in the exhibits at Arizona’s Mining Day, with displays including a 777 off-highway mining truck and a 988 wheel loader. In addition, visitors were provided with simulators, allowing them to test drive a haul truck or loader and envision what it would feel like to operate such a huge piece of machinery.

As purveyors of haul truck tires as well as many other types of OTR tires, we are glad to see Arizona taking pride in their mining tradition and celebrating what the industry has done for their state.

Remember that we carry a full stock of tires to meet all of your mining, farming, and trucking needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.