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The Good News about the Australian Mining Industry’s Freefall

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts about the state of things in the Australian mining industry, then you’re well aware that all is not well. It’s no secret that the country’s mining industry has been in trouble for some time now, and the trend seems to be continuing.

Recently, it’s been pointed out that the Australian coal industry has taken what the Sydney Morning Herald terms “another step closer to the abyss,” with Australian miner Glencore announcing that it would cut coal output by fifteen million tons in 2015:

In a move that is likely to put more than 100 jobs on the line, Glencore said the cuts would “more closely align” its coal output with customer demand, and some expansion projects would be slowed. We will defer some projects and ensure that inventory management and blending are optimised,” the miner said in a statement (SMH).

In addition to other factors — such as China’s slowing economy impacting iron demand — the news of further cuts to the coal industry just heightens concerns that Australia’s mining industry will soon hit rock bottom.

Surprisingly, not everyone considers that event as the worst thing. After all, points out Business Insider after rock bottom comes the upswing, and the “bottom of the cycle is where long-term value is created.”

It’s our hope, of course, that Australia’s mines have already reached rock bottom and that the upswing is just around the corner.

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Image credit: Sydney Morning Herald

OTR Tire Deals for March 25, 2015

We hope you are all having a great Wednesday morning.  Below are a few items a customer of ours is looking to move. If you have any questions about any of these tires, please let us know.

  • 1pc – 40.5/75R39 Goodyear RT3A+ – $8,000.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 16.00×25 Goodyear HRL 24ply – $550.00 ea. Note: older stock
  • 8pc – 26.5R25 Goodyear RL4K – $5,800.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 29.5R25 Goodyear TL3A+ – $5,600.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 29.5R25 Goodyear RL2+ – $5,600.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 17.5R25 Goodyear RL5S – $2,400.00 ea. Note: Gear Lugs cut into the tire
  • 2pc – 26.5×25 Goodyear 32ply Slicks – $4,800.00 ea.
  • 2pc – 26.5×25 General LD250S 32ply – $3,400.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 26.5×25 General LD150 26ply – $2,700.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Yokohama RB31 – $2,000.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 2400R35 Yokohama RL42 – $7,250.00 ea.
  • 2pc – 25/65R25 Bridgestone VKT – $3,400.00 ea.
  • 2pc – 23.5R25 Bridgestone VLT – $2,950.00 ea.
  • 1pc – 2400R35 Toyo T452 – $6,600.00 ea.
  • 4pc – 875/65R29Bridgestone VTS – $6,300.00 ea.

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California Tire Dealer Growing Pot in His Store

Strange news stories coming out of California are nothing new. Take, for example, the fact that the Huffington Post keeps an entire blogroll of stories under the heading “Weird California,” with headlines such as the following:

  • “Woman Uses Fake Baby to Sneak into Maternity Ward”
  • “Sailor Accused of Attacking Cab Driver with Didgeridoo”
  • “Woman who Wasn’t Dead Died Trying to Escape Morgue Freezer”
  • “Mysterious Glowing Orb Emerges from Crashing UFO (at least, on Youtube)”

Although the weird stories coming out of California may not raise too many eyebrows these days — it’s California, after all–not many of these wacky stories deal directly with the tire industry. At least, not until now.

It was recently reported that one entrepreneurial California tire dealer was growing pot in his store. The discovery was made by authorities after fire and rescue crews responded to extinguish an after-hours fire and discovered hundreds of pot plants ablaze.

“It appears somebody was here at the time of the fire. When officers arrived, the front door was open, not just unlocked but opened, and there’s a bed in there next to where the fire was, so it looks like somebody was here at the time, so we’re searching for that owner,” Lt. Joe Gomez with the Fresno Police Department told media (Tire Review).

Apparently the fire was caused when the outlets used to light the plants overloaded.

While we certainly respect the tire dealer’s entrepreneurial spirit, we think his or her business and personal future would have been better served by diversifying into legal business ventures.

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Australian Mining Industry’s Downward Slide Continues


As we reported early in February of 2015, things haven’t been looking so good lately for the Australian mining industry. As commodities plummeted and confidence in the industry wobbled, investors seemed unsure whether or not they wanted to keep throwing good money after bad.

We’re sorry to report that as of this writing, there hasn’t been any big turnaround. In fact, the situation seems to have worsened.

Australian Mining Industry’s Downward Slide Continues:

First, MSN news reports that the mining boom in Western Australia has ground to a halt. This has had unfortunate effects on local residents.

The minerals industry has created billions of dollars for the region but with the price of iron ore plummeting, towns like Port Hedland in the Pilbara are facing unprecedented challenges. Dozens of local businesses have closed in recent months, leaving mining trucks and equipment strewn idly across the town (MSN News).

Second, as the mining boom slows, mergers and acquisitions have slowed as well. Mining Weekly offers exact figures demonstrating the declining number of offers and how these factors will affect the overall market if “innovative financing structures” are not employed.

Third, those within the industry continue to complain that the government is being un-supportive, if not downright difficult. Late in February, the chairman of Shenhua Australia flat-out accused the government of needlessly delaying the project by dragging out water-trigger legislation. Since the process has been underway for more than eight years now, with Shenhua having invested $700m thus far with little to show for their efforts, it’s easy to understand their frustration.

No doubt the issues leading to Australia’s mining woes are many and complex. It’s our desire to see the trend turn around and the industry strengthen in the days and weeks to come.  Of course the turn around will be heavily dependent on a resurgence of minerals demand from China, India and other large developing economies.

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Image credit: Flag of Australia at Wikimedia Commons.  Yellow line arrow added in house.

OTR Tire Deals for March 12, 2015

If you are in the northern hemisphere like us, we hope that you are starting to get some nice, warm Spring weather.  We are and we sure are enjoying it.  We also enjoy passing on great tire deals to our customers.

We have the following OTR tire deals for you today.  Contact us ASAP if you need any of these tires because they won’t stay on our yards for long at these prices!

Qty: 8 – Michelin 2400R35 XDTA – $7,200.00 each
Qty: 6 – Michelin 2400R35 XDTB – $7,200.00 each
Qty: 12 – Titan 2400R35 DTH4 WE – $5,200.00 each
Qty: 5 – Yokohama 2400X35 Y523 36ply – $5,100.00 each
Qty: 4 – Titan 33.25×29 SL100 38ply – $3,600.00 each

All prices are in USD per tire plus freight. If you have any further questions please let us know. Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to get OTR tire deals just like these delivered to your inbox before they get posted to our site.  Have a great day.

Mining Equipment Spotlight: News Snippets from Around the World


What’s going on in the world of mining equipment? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve been busily compiling news snippets from around the web to bring you up to speed with what’s been going on in the global mining equipment market.

News Snippets from Around the World:

  • “Asia Mining Industry 2015 Purchasing Trends and Intentions” - Market Reports Store has released its report via PR Newswire detailing the upcoming purchasing methods and expected expenditures for Asian mines in the coming year. Among other things, the report reveals that outright purchasing is the favored purchasing method.
  • “Customer-Minded Approach to Mining Equipment” - The good folks over at Mining Global recently shone the spotlight on Liebherr Mining, highlighting their reputation for producing high-quality, advanced machinery and practicing innovations that keep the customer always in mind.
  • “Mining Equipment: Russia Back in Indian Market” - According to an update from the Russia and India Report, a contract between IZ-KARTEX and Bharat Coking Coal Limited has afforded the comeback of Russian suppliers of mining equipment in the Indian market. Valued at $62 million, the deal also ensures maintenance for the next seventeen years, meaning that this could be the beginning of a profitable relationship.

As we collect news snippets from around the web, we’re happy to see healthy growth, development, and teamwork on display among the manufacturers, dealers and operators of mining equipment. We look forward to bringing you more updates as we find them.

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Women an Undermined Resource, Canadian Mining Industry Notes

woman-canadian-minerAccording to the group Women in Mining Canada, the Canadian mining industry has much untapped potential which could be put to good use if more companies were able to find and retain qualified female employees.

The sector faces many challenges including a pending skilled labour shortage. Many experts agree that improving diversity within the mining workforce by attracting and retaining traditionally underrepresented groups such as women may be the best solution.  To that end, WIM Canada encourages young women to explore a career within the minerals sector; and helps established professionals connect and navigate their way through a successful career in the minerals sector. (WIM Canada)

If their website is any indication, they seem determined to succeed: they offer resources on a wide variety of topics, including both research and training materials designed to help mining companies recognize the potential of women workers and ensure their continued success.

It seems that their efforts may already be coming to fruition. According to a December 2014 report from the Record, the lack of diversity in mining has been targeted in a new series of rules requiring that all firms listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange will be required to make public the number of women on their boards and in executive and director positions. The hope is that with greater transparency will come greater change, since shareholders and employees alike may access this information.

We’re always happy to hear news of the mining work force expanding, and we’re doubly glad to salute the hard-working women of the Canadian mining work force.

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Image credit: Women in Mining Canada

Occupy Oak Flat: US Mining Industry, Government, Apaches Tussle over Land

Since the inception of the Occupy Wall Street movement in September of 2011, the word occupy has been used in quite a few protests, both Stateside and abroad. One of the latest occupy incidents involves the U.S. mining industry, the Federal government, and the Apache nation.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Apache protesters calling themselves Occupy Oak Flat have already put in several weeks of quiet and peaceful resistance at the projected site of a new copper mine, a site that will allegedly disturb sacred ground:

Music, food and religious ceremonies have accompanied the encampment, where about a dozen die-hards are living full time. Hundreds of others have attended weekend events organized by the protesters, including non-tribal members from Tucson, Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Although the land is not currently part of any protected land act, it’s considered sacred to those on the nearby San Carlos Apache reservation, and is allegedly the home of one of their gods and the site of traditional Apache ceremonies. Groups with a vested interest have been lobbying for Washington to get involved, but thus far their efforts have been unsuccessful.

Remember, though, that the Apaches aren’t alone in expressing concerns regarding the deal. The situation has raised concerns in the broader community:

The San Carlos Apaches aren’t alone. Hundreds of supporters attended the gathering, while some tribe members pitched tents to signal their intention to occupy the land. Environmental groups like the Sierra Club and Arizona Mining Reform, and more than 500 other tribes have voiced opposition to the land exchange (Aljazeera America).

Naturally, it’s our desire to see the U.S. mining industry continue to grow and thrive. We hope, however, to see new sites developed in harmony with local communities. We will keep a watch on this situation in the weeks and months to come to see how the situation develops.  Let us know what you think about the situation in the comments.

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Fresh Front End Loader Crime Wave

front end loader on the wrong side of the tracks

Longtime readers of this blog are no doubt already aware that when it comes to heavy equipment, front end loaders seem to be involved in more than their fair share of questionable incidents. For some reason, these machines just can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble.

The question we’d like to ask today, however, is this: are front end loaders the perpetrators, or are they the victims?

You tell us.

“Man Charged with Joyriding in Front End Loader”

According to the Smithville Reviewone brazen young man absconded with a front end loader before joy riding it straight past the local sheriff’s department. While Gregory Wayne Elliot, 21, may not have hatched the most intelligent plan of all time, we’re sure he had fun while it lasted.

“Runaway Teen Pulled Over in Stolen Front End Loader in Florida”

Ah, Florida. Home of sun, sand, surf, and wacky news. In October, Naples Daily News reported that when one plucky North Florida teen decided to run away from home, he didn’t let his lack of access to a motor vehicle stop him. Filching a front end loader from a nearby job site, this thirteen-year-old took off at top speeds of 25mph, making it all of three miles before being apprehended by authorities just 277 miles short of his goal: the South Florida city of Fort Lauderdale.

It seems difficult to imagine a respectable front end loader wanting to joyride past the sheriff’s department or accompany thirteen-year-olds on impromptu jaunts to Fort Lauderdale.

Perhaps these seeming crime waves involving front end loaders are perhaps just many cases of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or perhaps it is the case that front end loaders are just so fun to drive and operate that every man, young and old wants to take one for a spin.

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Image credit: “ChelProm Front-end single-bucket loaders PK-27” by U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Andrew D. Pendracki –; VIRIN: 071028-M-5865P-002. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons