On the Plus Side: Good News from the World of Big Tires and Mining Equipment

If you keep current with news snippets coming out of the world of big tires and mining equipment, then you’re probably aware that bad news often seems to abound. That’s true for several reasons. First, there actually is bad news. Second, bad news sells.

Media studies show that bad news far outweighs good news by as much as seventeen negative news reports for every one good news report. Why? The answer may lie in the work of evolutionary psychologists and neuroscientists. Humans seek out news of dramatic, negative events (Psychology Today).

So, should we blame the media for pandering to us, or ourselves for being the way we are? Either way, we felt it incumbent upon us to comb the web for some balance.

Good News from the World of Big Tires and Mining Equipment:

  • As summer winds down, recycling drives ramp up. Around the nation, communities are coming together to collect big tires for recycling, turning them into tire rings used as construction barrel weights, crumb rubber, asphalt rubber used in road surfaces, playground surfacing, rubber rock, and tire-derived fuel.
  • Charitable donation of heavy equipment will enhance learning. According to Northern Ontario Business, “Heavy equipment students at Northern College Timmins Campus now have hands-on experience in working with specialized mining equipment after a donation from Dumas Mining Contractors.” The six pieces of heavy equipment donated will greatly enhance learning when classes start again in September of 2015.
  • Titan considers building a wheel plant in Turkey. Although details of the plant are scarce, the company stated that through this expansion, they will be better able to provide wheels for the Turkish agricultural market as well as supporting markets in East Europe and the former Soviet Bloc. (Tire Business)

With new plants being built, charitable donations enhancing education, and recycling programs ramping up, it’s a good time to be involved in a business that supports the growing trades of mining and agriculture. Remember that we carry a full supply of OTR tires and that we look forward to working with you. Contact us for information on our current deals.

Wyoming’s Cloud Peak Energy Takes Strides to Maintain Its Place within U.S. Mining Industry

cat-8750-draglineWithin the U.S. mining industry, many coal mines find quick success in mining shallow coal first. Once that supply is harvested, however, greater depths must be sounded. In Wyoming, this task is particularly challenging, since underlying coal deposits tend to be tilted, requiring the use of extra-large equipment on site.

To that end, Cloud Peak Energy, based in Gilette, Wyoming, has announced plans to move one of their dragline excavators forty-three miles from one of their mining sites to another.

This is no small feat, however. Draglines are more than just some of the largest pieces of mining equipment: they are some of the largest machines in the world. According to specs listed by Cat, their 8750 model dragline excavator boasts bucket capabilities of 76 – 116 m3 / 100 – 152 yd3 and boom lengths of 109.7 – 132.5 m / 360 – 435 ft.

No wonder the Cloud Peak dragline hasn’t been moved from their Cordero Rojo mine in the late 1990s, when it was delivered in segments and assembled on site.

Moving the excavator is quite an undertaking, since there’s no question of simply driving it from one site to another.

The dragline couldn’t realistically make the 43-mile trip from Cordero Rojo to Antelope under its own power. The farthest the machine would move during mining is about three-quarters of a mile (Casper Star Tribune).

We wish the best of luck to Cloud Peak as they arrange this massive undertaking. Here’s to hoping that they accomplish the move safely and successfully.

Remember that we carry a full roster of OTR tires for all your mining needs. Please feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credit: Cat.com

Makers of Big Tires and Drivers of Big Rigs Excited to Welcome Tracy Morgan Back to the Roadways

Tracy Morgan driving a Lamborghini.

After last year’s terrible crash that left comedian James McNair dead and Tracy Morgan seriously injured, we joined truck drivers and big-rig operators around the world in wishing him a speedy recovery. We also cautioned drivers to take great care while on the road: to slow down, share the road, and get plenty of rest.

Because of our continual interest in this story, we’re happy to bring you some positive developments regarding this case. First, a federal judge in New Jersey recently moved to seal the settlement records between Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart.

“Although this case has generated a great deal of publicity, partly because of Mr. Morgan’s celebrity status, he has a strong privacy interest in protecting both information about confidential settlement negotiations in his case and his final settlement amount from the public,” the request to seal the agreement said. (Transport Topics)

This can only be considered a win for Tracy Morgan, who spent days in a coma following the crash and suffered much pain and unwanted media attention throughout his ordeal.

Hard on the heels of this announcement comes the best news of all: Morgan was recently spotted behind the wheel of a car again. And not just any car, either. A Lamborghini.

Good for him.

Whatever type of driving you do, it’s vital that you take care when you’re behind the wheel. This is especially true if your vehicle runs on any sort of big tires, because the bigger they are, the harder they crash–and the more damage they’re likely to do.

We are also looking forward to Tracy Morgan hosting SNL on October 17th.  Best wishes to Tracy Morgan as he continues to recover.

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OTR Tire Deals for August 18, 2015

We have a great back to school OTR tire special for you all this week.  Below is a screenshot of the OTR tire list we sent out to our OTR Tire Deal email list earlier this morning.  A lot of the tires are from one of our dealers and he is looking to move them now.

All tires are plus freight, but if you are interested in enough of them we will see if we can negotiate the freight to you. If you have any questions please let us know.

I know a few of you saw this list on Thursday, but we added a few things to it on Monday. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you have a great week.

Back to School OTR Tire Specials

BBT OTR Tire Deals - 8-18-15

Click image to enlarge.

Please note the Magna Crane tires are not located in the USA, and their price is based on a FCL. Contact us for more info.

Please contact us to secure your specially priced tires.  We can also provide you with a freight quote.

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Time to Check Heavy Equipment Tires on Harvest Machines

harvest-machine-tiresAs we approach the last month of summer, the time soon approaches when we will trade our sunglasses in for hoodies and our sweet tea for pumpkin spice lattes. In other words, autumn is coming, and with it comes harvest. If you work in the farming industry, then you know that the time to check your heavy equipment tires is now, before your fall work really ramps up.

While it’s true that a farmer’s work is never done, it is also true that with a little foresight, you can prevent small tasks from becoming bigger obstacles down the road. For that reason, you should check your heavy equipment tires now in order to prevent loss of a work day if one of them gives out in the middle of a job.

In addition to helping your harvest season run more smoothly, investing in replacements for old tires will also cut back on potential accidents and injuries.

Says West Virginia columnist Dr. Andy Overbay, “safety really does have no season, and checking equipment prior to the busy season of harvest just makes good sense. Accident prevention must be a top priority on farms today, especially when operating machinery like farm tractors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 750 farm workers are accidentally killed each year, and more than half of these fatalities are tractor related.” (SWVa Today)

We concur.

In addition to checking your tractor tires, think through every piece of equipment you will need for your fall harvesting tasks, checking the tires on your combines, harvesters, mowers, tree shakers, balers, and so forth. If you find yourself in need of some replacements, please feel free to contact us. We carry a full line of big tires for all of your farm equipment needs and look forward to working with you.  To all the farmers out there, we hope you have fair weather and bountiful harvests this season.


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Canadian Mining Industry: News Snippets from Around the Web

Canadian_FlagAs we make our way into late summer, much of the news coming out of Canada regarding the Canadian mining industry gives reason for concern. Then again, perhaps this is only to be expected.

When has good news been popular internet currency?

Canadian Mining Industry: News Snippets from Around the Web

  • “New Report Could Affect Quebec’s Uranium Mining Industry” – According to Business Review Canada, reports of uncertainties and unanswered questions regarding health and environmental risks cited in a 626-page document may lead to Quebec’s government suspending the local uranium industry, either temporarily or permanently.
  • “Mining Industry Still Horrified by Mount Polley Tailings-Pond Collapse” – After a year, the 24 million cubic meters of waste that spilled into the Mount Polley Tailings Pond still prove an ongoing environmental disaster. Imperial Metals has spent $67 million on cleanup, the provincial government has chipped in $6 million, and investigations into mitigating further risk are ongoing.
  • “CRA Targeting Mining Sector Tax Havens” Business Vancouver states that as Canadian elections approach, candidates have begun making tax evasion a campaign issue. In response, the Canadian Revenue Association has begun looking more closely at offshore subsidiaries of Canadian mining companies.
  • “Mallot Says State Department Won’t Help Alaska Deal with Threat from Canadian Mines” – In an overlap of American and Canadian mining news, the Alaska Dispatch News reports that concerns raised in the aftermath of the Mount Polley mine waste dam collapse last year have not moved the U.S. State Department to intervene in the case of new Canadian mines. Although some Alaskans have no confidence in the Canadian government to regulate their mining sector closely enough to prevent contamination that could easily influence Alaskan ecosystems, the State Department states that it has no plans to interfere.

It’s our hope that the coming weeks will find the above concerns resolved and the Canadian mining industry strengthened across the board. After all, what’s good for one mining community is generally good for the greater global community.

Remember that we carry a full range of OTR tires for all of your mining equipment needs and we routinely ship tires to mines all across Canada.  Feel free to contact us for the best deals.

US Mining Industry Spotlight: The Fate of West Virginia’s Coal Mines

blackwater-falls-west-virginiaPerhaps no other state is as associated with the history of the U.S. mining industry as West Virginia. More than a century before it even became a state, West Virginia’s fate had been shaped by the coal mining industry:

The coal industry has played a major leadership role in the state’s economic, political and social history. The industry has also been a center of controversy and the brunt of unfounded criticism, giving rise to battles in the arenas of labor, environment and safety (Friends of Coal).

For a state practically built on coal mining, it should come as a surprise to no one that as coal mining begins to peter out, the fate of West Virginia’s economy is called into question. With more and more power plants switching to natural gas, the shift is happening more quickly than some residents anticipated.

According to the Wall Street Journal, six domestic coal mines have filed for bankruptcy since January of 2015, and hundreds of employees at area coal mines have been laid off. All of this has had a deep impact on West Virginia residents. Unfortunately, miners who are laid off find themselves left with few options.

Because of the shift away from coal and toward natural gas, waiting for the next boom is not advisable. It’s our hope to see West Virginia develop thriving industries to offset the closures of their coal mines. As for the miners themselves, the mining industry in general is doing much better in other states in the US. Perhaps through some relocation and further training, they’ll be able to find homes at some of the thousands of other quality mines around the country.

As the industry grows, so does the demand for equipment. We’re committed to meeting that demand through carrying a full supply of OTR tires for all of your mining needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credit: “Blackwater-falls-autumn-foliage-scenery – West Virginia – ForestWander” by http://www.ForestWander.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 us via Wikimedia Commons

Front End Loaders a Vital Farming Asset

There are countless chores that need to be done with any size farm or property. The trick is determining equipment that fits the needs of your operation (Iowa Farmer Today).

All farmers know that having the right equipment is vital for getting the job done. Whether it’s a tractor, combine, milker, baler, or backhoe, owning a piece of precision equipment that consistently runs well and gets the job done is perhaps the greatest asset to the farm other than the farmer himself.

1024px-John_Deere_6320_with_631_front_loaderOne of those important assets is the front end loader. Whether you are working on major landscaping jobs or simply hauling material around the farm, there’s no denying this machine’s handy versatility.  Having a front end loader with a backhoe attachment is even better…doubly productive on the farm!

Due to its importance and functionality for daily farm use, it is important that you keep your front end loader in good repair. This includes more than just keeping the engine running smoothly. You must also make sure that your tires are up to snuff. Check your tires regularly for optimum tread depth, tire pressure, and balance. Doing so will go a long way not only toward keeping your farm safe but also ensuring that your tires will last as long as possible, thereby saving you time and money.

When the time does come to replace the tires on your front end loader, please keep us in mind. We carry a full stock of loader tires to meet all of your farming needs, and we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us for the best deals.


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Mining Equipment Stocks Poised to Recover from End of “Super Cycle”?

Ever since the end of the last so-called mining commodities “super cycle,” investors have kept wary eyes on the stocks of mining equipment manufacturing companies. Because slowdowns in production led to apparent long-term weakness in the markets, even the big-name mining equipment companies have been struggling to produce earnings for their investors.

Fortunately, all of that could soon change.

According to online investment advisers at The Motley Fool, companies such as Caterpillar and Joy Global are poised to make a comeback:

Analysts at Wood Mackenzie project 2018 global demand for base metals to be 27% higher versus 2013, and the Freedonia Group forecasts global demand for mining equipment to grow 8.6% annually through 2017. In other words, patient investors in mining-equipment companies can still make great profits. Two companies in particular appear to fit the bill: Joy Global and Caterpillar.

South_AmericaOne of the reasons for this expected growth is the sharp increase in demand from Latin America. According to Future Market Insights, “the key reason which has accelerated the growth of the Latin American mining equipment market is the enhanced demand for the consumption of natural resources,” citing that the region produces a staggering 25% of the world’s copper, among other large percentages of important commodities. While carrying such large numbers, it’s natural that their demand for equipment would increase.

Of course, the demand for more mining equipment leads to a demand for more big tires. Remember that we carry a full stock of OTR tires for all of your mining equipment needs, and that we routinely ship to mines in South America. For more information on current deals, please feel free to contact us.


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Dragging Industrial Production the Fault of U.S. Mining Industry?

rigid-haul-truck-crewA quick skim of recent headlines would lead you to believe that the U.S. mining industry is to blame for the recent slowdown in national industrial production.

But headlines don’t always tell the whole story.

According to Newsmax Finance, industrial production began to fall unexpectedly in the spring. Among the culprits cited in the headline is the U.S. mining industry, although almost no information in the article is given to support that claim.

Fortunately, other sources elaborate further on this issue, providing a clearer picture of what is, in fact, a more complicated situation:

U.S. industrial production unexpectedly fell in May as manufacturing and mining activity remained weak, a sign that a strong dollar and spending cuts in the energy sector continued to constrain economic growth (The Fiscal Times).

Even more clarity is offered through Reuters, in an article that takes the time to break down not only the root causes for the slowdown but also the possible solutions. Although the headlines point a finger at U.S. mining as a main key to the slowdown of production, that’s only part of the story.

Mining is a key, yes; but it’s only one key, and a small one at that. A careful reading of the text reveals that a large number of factors have contributed to the recent industrial drag–weak orders, the rise of the US dollar, and a steady decline in oil and gas drilling to name just a few.

Headlines are intended to be eye-catching, not necessarily fully informative. That’s why as we work to keep up with developments within our respective fields, it’s important to do more than skim. Because although it’s considered bad journalism, there are still plenty of reasons for writers to “bury the lead.”

As part of our service to you, we work to keep you apprised of developments within the mining, farming, and big tire communities.


Image credit: Dionisius Purba on Flickr