The World’s Biggest OTR Tires Create Their Own Secondary Markets

titan-63-otr-tiresWhen it comes to listing the world’s biggest OTR tires, the first one that springs to mind is naturally the monstrous 63-inch Titan, which stands nearly fourteen feet tall. That’s twice the size of two NBA basketball players standing on one another’s shoulders! Anybody fortunate enough to come into close proximity with one would be a fool not to snap a picture of himself standing in its shadow. They’re just that impressive.

But with all that impressive size come some complications. Nobody who’s ever had to deal with giant tires has ever said that size doesn’t matter. These babies don’t store, ship, and install themselves, and anything weighing six tons isn’t going to be any joke to maneuver into position.

Hence the need for secondary equipment necessary to deal with big tires, such as large truck-mounted tire manipulators. Stellar Industry’s TM20165, which can handle weights of up to 20,000 pounds, is just one of the machines created to help the owners and operators of rigid haul trucks deal with moving and installing these massive tires.


Stellar Industries TM20165 OTR service truck in action

This tire-manipulating machine has over 24-feet of reach capability, and at this capacity also allows it to mount and dismount outside as well as inside duals without repositioning the tire manipulator truck. This feature is first of its kind. The TM20165 has a clamping span of 44” up to 165”, with continuous manipulator pad rotation and 315-degree body rotation (Equipment World).

Along with machines such as these, OTR tires also require professionals who can handle proper distribution. That’s where we come in.

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Image credits: Gizmag (top) and Stellar Industries (bottom)

Latest Brazilian Mining Industry News Roundup: Top Four Stories

Keeping up with the ever-shifting sands of the Brazilian mining industry can be somewhat of a challenge, but don’t worry. We’re right here to gather up the news and put it in one place for you.

Vale’s CEO Murilo Ferreria is bullish on iron ore and in the running to be the next finance minister of Brazil.

Vale’s CEO Murilo Ferreria is bullish on iron ore and in the running to be the next finance minister of Brazil.

Top Four Recent Stories from the Brazilian Mining Industry:

  1. Reports of precious metals reserves make for promising futures. Based on recent findings, the 2020 forecasts of gold and silver coming out of Brazil look promising. Based on these findings, new mining projects have been slated to start as early as 2016. For a peek at the full report, consult the full article at PR Newswire.
  2. Latin America’s largest steelmaker cuts budget and reviews iron ore expansion plans. Due to falling prices, Gerdau reduced its 2014 investment plan and put its iron ore program into review. According to Bloomberg Business Week, shares rose immediately after public announcement of the decision, signaling shareholder approval.
  3. Vale to persevere with iron ore. Despite historic lows in prices that have driven other mining firms to abandon iron ore, industry giant Vale has decided to expand. According to reports from the Sydney Morning Herald, mining executives seem confident that large amounts of Chinese iron ore production would soon be forced out of the market, providing support for the price. It will be interesting to watch and see how this plays out.
  4. Next Brazilian finance minister could be former Vale exec. Shortlisted for an open government post, Vale’s CEO Murilo Ferreria could become the country’s next finance minister. With other strong candidates in the running, however, it’s far from a foregone conclusion. If he takes the position, it will be interesting to see how this change impacts mining, if at all.

Questions? Comments? See something we missed? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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Image credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Canadian Mining Industry in Hot Water Over International Holdings

Canadian_FlagWith one of the largest overseas mining operations in the world, the Canadian mining industry has been facing some fairly severe criticism in the press regarding how they have been handling their share of the load.

First, Canada has been accused of failing to prevent abuses in their overseas mines. According to the InterPress Service, in a large majority of their holdings in Latin America, Canadian companies have been failing to investigate and hold mines accountable for abuses. With some 1,500 projects in Latin America, comprising more than 40% of the region’s mining operations, the refusal of the Canadian companies to comply with voluntary measures has had quite an impact.

“Despite Canada’s assurances that there is good policy, we continue at the commission to see a number of very, very serious human rights violations occurring in the region,” said Commissioner Rose-Marie Antoine for the Inter American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) in Washington this week (Rabble).

Concerned individuals within at least one specific Latin American country, Guatemala, have spoken out with specifics. Referring to a collusion between leaders within the Canadian mining industry and officials within the Guatemalan government, some are claiming that they both “are responsible for violent conflicts and repression against predominantly indigenous communities in Guatemala, a country just 18 years removed from a 36-year internal conflict that resulted in genocide” (TruthOut). Although some changes have been made — changes lauded by Amnesty International — there still seems to be much room for improvement.

It’s our hope that between the governments of these countries and the Canadian mining corporations, reforms can be made which will lead to more fair and honest dealings across the board. Profits are a concern, but remembering that there are lives affected by the rise and fall of numbers must take precedence over the bottom line.  Continued abuse and neglect by the Canadian mining firms could even lead to such a hostile environment that they may not even be able to operate in Latin America.  That would really affect the bottom line.  A modest profit is still much better than no profit or business activity at all.

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Thank You, Veterans – Veterans Day 2014


Everyone at would like to say thank you to all the veterans who have served and sacrificed for our great country.  We are very grateful for what you have done for us and future generations of Americans.  Many thanks and may you all have a wonderful day!

B-52H Bomber

B-52H Bomber

A pair of specially painted F-117 Nighthawks

A pair of specially painted F-117 Nighthawks


Image credits (top to bottom):


Of Heavy Equipment Tires and Everyday Heroes

With Marvel having recently announced a new slew of superhero movies to be released between now and 2019, we got to thinking about the connection between heavy equipment tires and heroes.

(Trust us, there is one. Just go with it.)

Feel the BURN!!!

Feel the BURN!!!

Super Training

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: old tires can be easily rehabbed into excellent exercise equipment. Everyday heroes not only work to help the environment through recycling old heavy equipment tires, but they also work hard to stay in top condition in case they are ever called upon to save the day.

Take Alex Sanderson of Traverse City, Michigan, for example. While preparing for the 2014 Tampa Bay Strongman Classic (where he finished in the top three), he began his training with a seemingly low-budget assortment of equipment:

Sanderson’s efforts began by putting together a home gym in his father Dan’s workshop, complete with two power cages, heavy-equipment tires, a number of strongman-specific implements and more (Traverse City Record-Eagle).

Rather than blow a lot of cash on fancy new equipment or an expensive gym membership, Sanderson made use of what he had and turned himself into a champion.

What a hero!

Super Help

The men and women who work around heavy equipment are aware of the dangers. Generally, this makes them careful in their work and quick to respond in times of crisis. Witness the reactions of three MidAmerican workers when one of their coworkers became trapped under a truck in loose gravel:

“We just reacted, and I’m certain there’s not anybody in this building who wouldn’t have done the same thing,” said Dave Shepley of MidAmerican Energy.

“Dave was calling 911, Chad was running the truck, I was rigging the outriggers.  It was like we all knew what to do. We didn’t even talk, we just did it,” Ben Reis said. (KCCI Des Moines)

Although heavy equipment may have been involved in the accident, it’s important to note that heavy equipment also became the means of the quick rescue; but such a save would have been impossible without three quick-thinking men ready to do whatever needed to be done.

We tip our hard hats to those quick thinking heroes.

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

OTR Tire Deals for November 5th has these OTR tires in stock and priced to move:

Michelin XDR2B

Michelin XDR2B

  • 1pc 40-65×39 Titan LD250 – $9,300.00
  • 2pc 65/40×39 Firestone SDTLD – $11,950.00 each
  • 12pc 17.5×25 Firestone SGG 12ply – $695.00 each
  • 12pc 13.00×24 Firestone SGG 12ply – $525.00 each
  • 18pc 14.00×24 Firestone SGG 12ply – $575.00 each
  • 10pc 40.00R57 Michelin XDR2B – $32,500.00 each

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We are also looking for the following two OTR tires:

  • 1400R20 22 PLY HCS NDT TL Continental or similar
  • 1600R20 Continental or similar

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Trucks and Fuel Efficiency

Better fuel efficiency with Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D

Better fuel efficiency with Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D

Early last month, tire manufacturer Goodyear claimed to have produced the most fuel-efficient big rig truck tire in North America. According to Goodyear, their Fuel Max LHD G505D will offer up to $1,444 in savings per truck per year versus what’s on offer from various competitors (Tire Business).

According to Garfield Clean Energy, an environmental group based in Colorado, tire brand is only one aspect of fuel efficiency. For ultimate efficiency, they recommend wide-based tires to reduce weight, aerodynamic cab and fuel tank designs, specialty after-market hub caps, and rubber ground skirts. While these designs do sound as if they would increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption, the cost is a consideration. All things said and done, the modifications would not be cheap. However, if the savings would indeed add up to $10,000 per year, perhaps it would be an investment worth considering.

At least the Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D tires would be a good start toward making some changes. And they come with other benefits as well. According to the experts at Sys-con, they also feature:

  • A highly siped center rib and lateral grooves to help enhance all-season traction
  • Goodyear’s Tredlock Technology, which contains interlocking micro-grooves and a wide tread to help stabilize the tread for long life and enhanced toughness
  • A steel-belt casing package for toughness, endurance and robust retreadability
  • Penetration protectors to help resist stone drilling, which also enhances casing retreadability

With new scientific advances increasing possibilities almost on a monthly basis, it is good to keep current with what’s new in the industry. With the price of fuel being a major cost for truckers, any technologies that increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact will likely be greeted with high praise.


How the Mighty Are Fallen: Brazilian Mining Industry’s Eike Batista Continues His Downhill Slide

mmx-logoA lot has happened in the Brazilian mining industry since our post in December of 2013 detailing Eike Batista’s fall from grace.

A short summary for those of you needing to be brought up to speed: after having worked himself up to a net worth of $30 billion in the Brazilian mining industry, Batista lost the majority of his wealth under shady circumstances. As of our last update, his personal fortune had drastically diminished, and he’d declared himself to be “practically bankrupt,” although since his net worth still ran in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, his definition of poor might differ slightly from yours and ours.

Unfortunately for him, after having recently faced a continued flurry of criminal charges and other struggles related to his downward spiral, Batista can now erase the word practically from the “practically bankrupt” description. The government has frozen the majority of his remaining assets, and his empire is imploding. 

According to Reuters, companies belonging to the former mogul have officially begun to file for bankruptcy:

Failure to meet production promises at his OGX Petroleo e Gas SA oil company in 2012 started a decline in EBX group shares. Batista, who used his stock to borrow money and finance EBX projects in the face of multi-year delays, ran out of credit and his fortune evaporated. OGX and shipbuilder OSX Brasil SA sought bankruptcy protection in October and November of 2013.  MMX Sudeste Mineracao SA, an iron-ore mining company controlled by Eike Batista filed for bankruptcy on October 15, 2014. (Reuters).

This makes the third instance of individual units in his former empire filing for bankruptcy in recent days. With Batista still under water and no sign of a turnaround in the near future, it’s our prediction that the domino effect will continue as his companies slowly topple.

This is unfortunate, since the real losers will be the Brazilian citizens who make their livings in these companies. It’s our hope that their talents will soon find new homes.

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More Mining Equipment Drama

If you follow the international mining trade, you are no doubt already aware that there has been some serious mining equipment drama lately. Who knew there was so much global turmoil surrounding the mining sector?


In Australia

Apparently, the recent efficiency dip in the Australian mining sector is all thanks to mining equipment. At least, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, who claim that the efficiency of iron ore equipment alone has dropped by 40%. This may not be just a local problem, however. PwC leader Jock O’Callaghan states: “That compares to the world wide trend which is no where near as steep decline and the world wide iron ore trend, which has now crossed over and is performing better than Australian iron ore.” This is something to keep an eye on in the months to come.

In South Africa

Operations at Bokoni Platinum Mine were suspended early in October while investigators looked into the death of Bernard Moropane, but the investigation was not enough to appease local friends and relatives of the deceased: “On Monday, Limpopo police said the house of a chieftain was set alight and Bokoni Platinum mine equipment destroyed outside Burgersfort” (Business Report). It should be noted that while we extend our condolences, we do not think it is appropriate to destroy valuable mining equipment or burn down houses.

No matter where you are in the world, remember that we carry a full complement of OTR tires for all of your mining equipment needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.

Notes from Down Under: an Australian Mining News Roundup


As a major player in the global markets, the Australian mining industry carries a lot of weight; therefore, what’s happening in the land down under should be of interest to anyone concerned with mining.

To that end, we bring you this small news roundup detailing some current developments and trends in Australian mining.

Notes from Down Under:

  • According to a recent piece in the Guardian, many Australians feel that the mining sector has little effect on overall economic growth. Their major complaint is that all of the benefits go to the mining companies themselves rather than to Australians: ” 67% of voters said mining company executives benefited “a lot”, 40% said mining company shareholders benefited “a lot”, while 67% said the poor people in the countries to which Australia exported would receive little or no benefit, 57% said all Australians received little or no benefit and 50% said regional communities received little or no benefit.”
  • Leaders in the Australian mining industry believe that in order for the country’s mines to stay globally competitive, they need to adopt more automation. Almost half of those surveyed believe that not enough money is being invested in cutting-edge technology (The Australian).
  • Although coal prices are at an all-time low, Australian coal output is hitting record highs. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that many coal mines are choosing to run at a loss, intent on flooding global markets. This is because “[i]n many cases, miners are finding it cheaper to run in the red than shut down, owing to so-called ‘take or pay’ contracts that require payment of haulage fees whether or not any coal is shipped.”

We look forward with keen interest to see how these situations will develop in the final months of 2014.

Remember that we carry a full stock of big tires for all of your mining needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credit: ZoneAsia-PK