The Rubber Tree Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Rubber tree root bridges span a river in Cherrapunji India

Being in the OTR tire business we deal with rubber everyday, and everyday we deal rubber all over the globe.  So when I learned about these very cool rubber trees in Northeastern India that the locals use to create bridges from the roots, I had to share it with our readers.  These bridges are apparently very strong and some can even support up to 50 people at a time. Not only are they strong and functional, they are also very cool looking and basically maintain themselves by continually growing.

In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren’t built—they’re grown.

The southern Khasi and Jaintia hills are humid and warm, crisscrossed by swift-flowing rivers and mountain streams. On the slopes of these hills, a species of Indian rubber tree with an incredibly strong root system thrives and flourishes.

The Ficus elastica produces a series of secondary roots from higher up its trunk and can comfortably perch atop huge boulders along the riverbanks, or even in the middle of the rivers themselves. The War-Khasis, a tribe in Meghalaya, long ago noticed this tree and saw in its powerful roots an opportunity to easily cross the area’s many rivers. Now, whenever and wherever the need arises, they simply grow their bridges.

In order to make a rubber tree’s roots grow in the right direction—say, over a river—the Khasis use betel nut trunks, sliced down the middle and hollowed out, to create root-guidance systems. The thin, tender roots of the rubber tree, prevented from fanning out by the betel nut trunks, grow straight out. When they reach the other side of the river, they’re allowed to take root in the soil. Given enough time, a sturdy, living bridge is produced. (Atlas Obscura)

Visit the article page to see some more cool pictures and learn more about the root bridges of Cherrapunji.

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Mexican Mining Industry Leaving Collateral Damage?

For years, proponents of the Mexican mining industry have cited the economic boom that the industry brings to the poverty-stricken country. According to mining company Almaden Minerals,

“Mining is now the second most important industry in Mexico (second to petroleum but before tourism), and mining related activities continue to be an important component of the Mexican job market providing many levels of income opportunities.” (Almaden Minerals, Ltd.)

As with any country containing materials considered valuable by the international community, Mexico has become the target of self-interested global companies seeking their own slices of the valuable-resource pie. There has, of course, been some fallout.

First, according to Deloitte, it is not necessarily Mexico itself that benefits the most from mining operations in its own country. For example, Canada represents 75% of the total foreign investment related to the mining sector in Mexico, making Canada one of the big winners in the Mexican mining game.

And while it’s true that these mines provide employment for many of Mexico’s residents, many Mexicans have protested Canada’s heavy involvement in the mining industry for environmental reasons. Add to that a concern for how these large-scale mining operations have begun to affect indigenous culturals:

Environmental destruction, along with accompanying economic changes, cause the displacement of people. Families in communities affected by the impacts are uprooted and often begin to migrate. Nevertheless, the projects enjoy official support and are defended against rising protests from poor farmers and townspeople by the federal government (Truthout).

Lest Canada be painted as a scapegoat, alert citizens have raised concerns about the affect of other international companies as well. The Chinese, for one, are suspected of helping to foster organized crime in Mexico by cozying up to the cartels. Even though members of these same cartels may harass, torture, and extort money from the lowly workers who run the mines, it is alleged that in order to stay on the right side of cartels, mining higher-ups agree to pay their dues to crime syndicates such as the Knights Templar in order to ensure smooth operations in the region.

Workers at an illegal mine on the road between Coalcomán and Aquila. Via: Vice News

Workers at an illegal mine on the road between Coalcomán and Aquila. Via: Vice News

Unfortunately, when interest in the bottom line takes precedence over the individual lives of the local citizens, the Mexican mining industry leaves a distasteful backlash of collateral damage.

At the end of the day, the world stands in need of the minerals provided by the Mexican mining industry. It is our hope that in the future, these valuable commodities can be extracted in a way that does not endanger the life (or way of life) of any of those living in Mexico.

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Brazilian Mining Companies

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley.

So wrote Scottish poet Robert Burns in the late 1700s in his poem “To a Mouse.”

Although this quote may hold meaning to some of you, unless more of our readers are fluent in Scottish dialect than we anticipate, we suspect that a bit of translation may be called for at this point. In his poem, written after accidentally overturning a mouse nest with while plowing in a field, Burns meditates over the nature of making plans and concludes that even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go sadly awry.

It would seem that the same could be said of certain companies in the Brazilian mining industry.

Take the Toronto-based gold miner Belo Sun Mining Corporation as one example. Citing environmental concerns, the Brazilian courts recently put the breaks on the company’s plans to build what would be Brazil’s largest gold mine along a tributary of the Amazon River.

“The judge said that the mine stood to cause ‘negative and irreversible damage to the quality of life and cultural heritage’ of the Juruna and Arara peoples… [But] Mark Eaton, Belo Sun’s CEO, said the indigenous impact study is already under way… and will ‘probably appeal’ the federal court suspension” (The Council of Canadians)

While we respect environmental protection and the need to preserve the way of life for people indigenous to the Amazon basin, we cannot help but feel for the movers and shakers behind this exciting new gold mining venture, the ones who now find their best-laid plans going awry.

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The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Loader Tires

Young boy sitting in the rim of a 20.5R25 loader tire

Young boy sitting in the rim of a 20.5R25 loader tire.
(Independent/Barrett Stinson)


There has been a lot going on in the world of loader tires lately, and not all of it has been positive. While loader tires have brought great joy in some quarters, they have also been the herald of doom in others.


The Best of Times

What child has not gone through a “big truck” phase? Probably not one. That’s why one Nebraska chapter of the YMCA demonstrated sheer genius when they brought the joy of big machinery to their campers. Children aged two-to-seven were permitted to see at CAT 928-G wheel loader up close, much to the delight of all. According to director Stephanie Henke, this experience was a dream come true for many of the campers:

“They’re so interested in trucks and moving things,” Henke said. “It’s always blocked off from the kids, so doing it this way is safer and gives them a hands-on experience” (The Independent).

In addition to bringing joy to children, loader tires also brought joy to older Americans by participating in the 2014 motocross games in Austin, Texas… as obstacles, of course. Contestant Eric Rhoten, when interviewed, seemed to glory in the difficulties that the obstacles brought, clearly drawing joy from the challenge of the course:

Video: Enduro cross rider Eric Rhoten interview

“You watch it, and it looks easy [but] it’s incredibly tiring… [It has] rocks, logs; they haul in these big loader tires and just try to make it as impossible to get through as they can” (KJCT8).

The Worst of Times

Unfortunately, new loader tires have also brought heartache in some quarters. According to an article from the Lawrence Journal-World titled “Grand Theft Backhoe?” a 2010 Case backhoe loader was stolen off a job site in Lawrence, Kansas. But note the particular details mentioned in the article:

An orange 2010 CASE Backhoe Loader with new tires and a full front loader bucket was stolen… [It] has about 2500 hours on the meter. It is valued at $75,000 (

Certainly part of the value comes from the combination of the stolen item itself, the mysteriously full bucket, and those new tires.

Here’s hoping that your luck with loader tires this summer falls on the more positive end of this spectrum.

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Big Tire Production a Big Impact on Local Economies

Classic illustration of the old Goodyear tire plant in Akron Ohio

Often when we think of the economic impact of big tires, we think exclusively of the mining, heavy equipment, trucking, and agriculture sectors. We would not be wrong in this, but we would be forgetting one key area: those who work in the production of big tires themselves.

After all, with the rise and fall of supply and demand within these industries, the production of big tires is invariably impacted. And when big tire production is impacted, the communities which produce those tires are also affected.

Take, for example, two very different situations: the cities recently impacted directly as six Titan plants put out a call to reduce their workforces, and a city in Chester County, South Carolina, in which a new Giti tire plant will soon be opening. You can imagine the very different reactions that are playing out across the country as the ramifications of these changes trickle down to the local citizens.

The point is that rising and falling demand within all economic sectors making use of heavy machinery will always have a trickle-down affect that reaches far into the local communities across North America and even the world.

And although we are rightly concerned for mining workers when a country’s mining operations falter, although we sympathize with farmers during dry seasons, although we worry for the livelihood of truckers during any time of economic downturn, our concern should also be with those who make all of those other professions possible: the men and women who produce quality OTR tires.

If you work in any of the industries above, know that we are thankful for you; and we are especially thankful for the tire producers who make other work possible.

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Image credit: Boston Public Library on Flickr

Join us at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo – July 23rd to 25th 2014

Latin America & Caribbean Tyre Expo 2014The team will be exhibiting at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo this year.  The Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo is the leading tire show in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.  2014 marks the 5th anniversary of the expo.  This years Expo will be held at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, Panama.  The Republic of Panama is a strategic commercial hub for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Each attendee will be receiving a post card along with the rest of their Expo material when they register at the Expo.  Each post card will also include a key.  One key will will open the lock to our Expo prize, a brand new iPad Air!  So make sure you stop by our booth, M708.  It is on the second floor of the exhibitor area.

We hope all the exhibitors and attendees have a fun and productive time at the Expo.  We look forward to making lots of great connections.

For more information and to register for the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, please visit the Expo website.


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iPad Air Photo from

iPad Air Photo from

OTR Tire Deals for July 9, 2014 – Blem Specials!

Today we are offering you a great opportunity to save some serious cash on some OTR tires you may need. Below is a list of OTR tires that include some odd ball blemishes and some first lines that we are looking to move.

  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XTLA – $1,575.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XTLA – $1,475.00 – Take Off
  • 1pc – 20.5R25 Michelin X-Mine – $4,200.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 20.5R25 Michelin XLDD2 – $3,150.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 23.5R25 Michelin X-Mine – $3,800.00
  • 1pc – 23.5R25 Michelin XADN – $2,700.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 23.5R25 Michelin X-Snow – $2,700.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 26.5R25 Michelin XHA2 – $3,650.00 – Spot Repair
  • 1pc – 26.5R25 Michelin XHA – $3,500.00 – Spot Repair 
  • 4pc – 29.5R25 Michelin X-Mine D2 – $8,400.00 – Cosmetic Blemish
  • 4pc – 29.5R25 Michelin XHA2 – $4,950.00 – Spot Repair
  • 2pc – 35-65R33 Michelin XRDNA – $7,250.00
  • 4pc – 750-65R25 Michelin XLD – $3,750.00
  • 6pc – 2700R49 Bridgestone VREP E2A – Call for price.
  • 1pc – 35-65×33 General LD250 42ply – $5,800.00

Price is per tire plus freight. All are new, no repairs unless otherwise noted.

We also have several hundred blem truck tires if you have any interest please call, or email.

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Adjusting to New Truck Drivers’ Limits

rest-area-signLast July, the government set new limits on the number of hours that truck drivers could work, and the changes have some industry leaders up in arms. Among other things, these new standards reduced a driver’s maximum workweek from 82 hours to 70 hours, required a 30-minute break in the first eight hours of a shift, and mandated a 34-hour break between a driver’s work weeks.

But all parties involved are not pleased with these new requirements. According to a source within the American Trucking Association, these rules hobble productivity, shrink wages, and cause undue delay in deliveries:

“The government has forced drivers into basically a five-day workweek,” says David Osiecki, head of legislative affairs for the American Trucking Associations (Pensacola News Journal)

While it’s hard not to sympathize with how government mandates might affect the drivers’ opportunities to make the most of their careers, it’s also easy to see that without these standards in place, it could be tempting for drivers to push themselves beyond their limits just to earn a little bit more each week.

Although the truck driver involved in the well-publicized Tracy Morgan accident in June is reported to have been working within the legal regulations at the time of the crash, this incident has heightened public awareness and naturally raised public concerns regarding the potential dangers for all drivers sharing the roadways with big rigs.

With such concerns heavy on the public psyche, perhaps now is not the best time to be pushing back against the laws put in place to keep all drivers on the roadways safe.

Have an opinion on this subject or want to share a concern? Please share it with us in the comments.

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Image credit: Pixabay

Celebrating the Fourth of July with Awesome OTR Tire Deals!

july-16674_640 offices will be closing at 1:00pm EDT on July 3, 2014 and will be closed all day on July 4th to celebrate the Independence of the great nation of the United States of America.  To celebrate Independence Day we have some awesome tire specials for you.  Lock in these prices by calling us before we close on July 3rd.  These tires will be gone by then!

Fourth of July OTR Tire Deals

4pc 35-65×33 Titan LD250 42ply – $8,100.00 each

6pc 2700R49 Goodyear RM4A+ – $8,900.00 each

1pc 2700R49 Goodyear RL4H – $6,900.00

4pc 23.5R25 Goodyear RT3B – $2,300.00 each

4pc 50-65R51 Bridgestone VSDL – $44,000.00 each

3pc 50-80×57 Firestone SRGDT – $46,000.00 each

6pc 3600R51 Michelin XDRB – $19,000.00 each

2pc 40-65×39 Titan LD250 – $10,100.00 each

4pc 1600R24 Bridgestone VKT – $950.00 each

If you are in the USA we hope you have a great and safe holiday. If you have any questions please contact us. As always, thank you for your business.


Happy Fourth of July, America!


Image credit: Pixabay

Front End Loaders to the Rescue!

Ready to save the day at a moments notice!

Ready to save the day at a moments notice!

Although we may occasionally decry front end loaders as the problem children of the heavy equipment family, we’re also willing to give credit where credit is due. Recently several industrious front end loaders distinguished themselves by proving to be great assets in times of community crisis, and for that we salute them.

  • Exhibit A: Missy the Horse Pulled from Muddy Creek. When Oregon-based horse Missy tumbled down an embankment and became mired in quicksand-like mud, there seemed little hope. But alongside local fire and rescue operators, one industrious local front end loader stepped in to save the day, hauling Missy to safety and returning her to the care of her worried owner.
  • Exhibit B: Pesky Excavators Shifted so that City’s Water Source Could Be Accessed. The town of Gweru in Zimbabwe only has one water source: the Gwenoro Dam. When a pipe burst, disrupting the town’s water supply, heavy excavators brought in to help fix the problem only served to deepen the crisis when they became stuck and blocked access for those working on fixing the pipe. Enter two brave front end loaders, who were quickly able to move the excavators and allow the technicians to get back on the job of restoring water to thirsty citizens.
  • Exhibit C: Collapsing Riverbanks Kept in Check During Localized Flooding. During three days of local flooding in China’s Beijing district of Fangshan, several courageous front end loaders were able to shore up collapsing riverbanks during the crisis in order to allow more time for local residents to evacuate.

The evidence is clear that while front end loaders may occasionally appear to be the black sheep of the heavy equipment industry, when they are really needed, they always rise to the occasion.

Remember that we carry a full stock of big tires for all of your front end loader needs. Feel free to contact us for the best deals.


Image credit: