I Love a Parade: Preparing Your Front End Loaders for Their Moment of Glory

tractor-paradeIt’s true that front end loaders take a lot of flack for being troublemakers. After all, no other machine that we spotlight has developed such a reputation for crime sprees. But a hard look at the evidence proves that front end loaders aren’t all bad. In fact, they have some fine qualities, and these qualities are always on their best display during community parades.

Since the 4th of July holiday is upcoming, we thought we’d help you get ahead of the curve by giving you some ideas for your next Independence Day Parade.

Anybody can drape their front end loader with red, white, and blue bunting for a patriotic look, but if you’re looking for something a bit more creative, read on.

If you have a front end loader, you’re about to be the life of the party.

Front End Loader Parade Ideas:

  • Fill the bucket with candy to be thrown to the crowd along the parade route. After the show’s over, park in a prominent location nearby, lower the bucket, and let passersby help themselves. This is sure to be a crowd favorite among children and adults alike.
  • Construct large top hat and veil. Drive two front end loaders down the street side-by-side as bride and groom. Have two adorable children walk out front as flower girl and ring bearer. Brace yourself for oooh’s and aaaaah’s.
  • For night parades, line the frame and wheels of your front end loader with glow-in-the-dark paints as an homage to the Tron light cycles. Prepare to be hailed as a genius.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your front end loaders in your local Independence Day parade or other festivity. Not only will a well-placed sign give you a bit of free advertising along the parade route or the event grounds, but your involvement is a great opportunity to show your interest in the local community.

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Image credit: Old Photos Blogspot

U.S. Fracking Industry Spotlight: News Snippets from Texas

pumpjack-oil-well-lubbock-texasKeeping up with U.S. mining industry news can be a challenge. With coal, mineral, diamond, and many other types of mines operating in many states, the burden of keeping up with what’s going on, and where, and how it’s affecting the overall industry can feel heavy. Fortunately, we are here to help lighten the burden for you.

As you will see below, much of the resource extraction news coming from Texas right now centers on the issue of fracking for oil in shale formations. As you will also note, the situation has become slightly incoherent.

U.S. Fracking Industry Spotlight: News Snippets from Texas:

In summary, the citizens worked to ban fracking, the governor banned the ban, and the activists seek to ban the banning of the ban. No matter where you stand personally on the issue of fracking, we’re sure you’ll join us in hoping that these civic debates can be resolved quickly, coherently and peaceably.

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Image credit: “Oil well” by Flcelloguy at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

OTR Tire Deals for June 16, 2015

We hope you had productive and profitable week.  We have a few OTR tires that we are looking to move this week, plus a couple that we are looking to acquire.

This weeks OTR tire deals:

12pc – 26.5×25 CAT Flexport Smooth Pattern NO Serials and CAT branding removed – $3,950 each

12pc – 26.5×25 Firestone SRG 20 ply L3 new – $1,500 each

4pc – 33.25×29 Titan SL100 38 ply – $3,900 each

4pc – 2100R35 Bridgestone VELS – $4,100.00 each

2pc – 17.5R25 Bridgestone VKT – $1,125.00 each

4pc – 23.5R25 Yokohama RB31 – $1,950.00 each


Tires we need:

Also we are in need of a few 480-95R25 X-Straddle TL 206 A5. Current location is not an issue on these as long as you have them in stock.

18.00R33 Bridgestone, or Yokohama

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Front End Loaders Make Headway in Revamping Their Image

Longtime readers of our blog are aware of the many hijinks involving front end loaders. A recent spate of positive news reports, however, has lead us to suspect that these much-maligned (and possibly misunderstood) machines may have begun a concerted effort to revamp their tarnished image.

First, after spring landslides in Wyoming led to a shut-down of roads in Wind River Canyon, who should come trundling along to do the heavy lifting? Heroic front end loaders, of course.

And when a truck carrying animal carcasses left a stinky spill along Washington State’s I-5 just south of Seattle, who came to the rescue almost immediately? A contingent of plucky front end loaders, that’s who.

Who cleared the recent avalanche on Indy Pass near Aspen, helped a downed aircraft reach help, and spent much of this past winter tirelessly banking snow to keep area residents from being stranded? That’s right. Front end loaders.

With all of these positive reports, it seems likely that the troublesome front end loaders of North America will soon revamp their image from the black sheep of the heavy equipment family to the cherished, heavy equipment heroes.

For some, that day has already come. Witness one Grand Rapids construction company choosing to throw a birthday party for one of their own cherished front end loaders. Of course, the celebration also commemorates a long-time partnership between two successful companies, but still. This positive reinforcement seems a step in the right direction.

Have you seen a well-meaning front end loader out there doing good deeds? Feel free to share your stories in the comments.

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Image credit: CodyEnterprise.com

Brazilian Mining Industry Growth Stymied by Government Foot Dragging

It’s been nearly nine months since our last update on the projected changes to Brazil’s mining codes. Unfortunately, there isn’t much update to offer. How these changes would directly affect the Brazilian mining industry is still anybody’s best guess, since the codes seem no closer to going into effect now than they did back in September.

The time is ripe for change, however. Cheery headlines claiming that Brazil’s mines are outperforming their Australian counterparts are well enough… unless you have been keeping abreast of what’s been going on with the Australian mining industry.

While Brazil’s mining industry may be growing overall, that doesn’t mean that individual sectors have been uninfluenced by the stymied bill. With news of mine closures and job losses coming from the iron ore sector in June and Reuters reporting that certain international mining companies have been avoiding investments in Brazil until the new mining laws are in effect, the government really cannot afford to continue dragging the situation out.

Mining is a vital part of Brazil’s economy, accounting for about a third of exports. The saga over this law comes when the sector is already out of favor due to concerns of a slowdown in China. Industry group IBRAM estimated last year Brazil had missed out on 20 billion reais ($8.89 billion) of investment due to the uncertainty surrounding the code. (Reuters)

Talk of corruption and scandal in the Brazilian government really is news to no one at this point, but it’s sad to see an ineffective government negatively influencing the livelihood of South American miners. It’s our hope that the Brazilian government pulls itself together soon and that new mining bills are passed quickly.

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Image credit: “Brasilia Congresso Nacional 05 2007 221″ by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

OTR Tire Deals for June 5, 2015

It’s Friday!  We hope you have had a great week thus far.

Here are a few tires we are looking to move this week and next.

  • 12pc – 385-95R25 Michelin X-Crane – $950.00 ea
  • 2pc – 20.5R25 Bridgestone VSDL – $2,550.00 ea
  • 2pc – 17.5R25 Bridgestone VSDL – $1,850.00 ea
  • 2pc – 26.5R25 Goodyear GP2B – $2,950.00 ea
  • 4pc – 29.5×25 General LD250S 28ply – $2,200.00 ea
  • ​6pc – 29.5R29 Triangle TB516 – $3,850.00 ea
  • 2pc – 35-65×33 Titan LD150 42ply – $6,000.00 ea
  • 2pc – 45-65×45 General LD250 58ply – $10,500.00 ea

​We are looking for the following items.

  • 17.5R25 Michelin XSMD2
  • 1400R20 Michelin XZA4 (G20)

If you have other tires that you are looking to move, or are in need of please let us know.

Cunning Innovation Simplifies Haul Truck Tire Removal

If you’re keeping up with developments in the world of haul truck tires, then you’re aware that there are exciting changes in the air. In case you’ve been too busy to keep up, however, we’re here to fill in the gaps.

Haul truck tire removal toolOne of the best innovations to come across our radar recently is one that facilitates haul truck tire removal and replacement, streamlining the process for technicians while saving both time and money.

According to the Elko Daily Free Press, the crew at the Goldstrike Tire Shop recently invented a new tool that allows for a faster removal of the tedious one hundred and thirteen lug nuts required to hold a haul truck tire in place.

“We used to have to move the rad gun, which is used to loosen the lug nuts, around the wheel and get into some weird body positions,” said Chris Zeiler, the open pit tire shop supervisor. “Now, we just stand on the ground and the device moves the wheel for us.” (Elko Daily)

Described as a rotation device operated by a foot pedal, this innovative device saves time and effort on the part of the technician tasked with changing the tire. Since both time and effort are reduced, this tool will cuts down on expenses by shortening task length.

With new developments cropping up on a regular basis and more no doubt in the pipeline to be revealed in the days ahead, it’s certainly an exciting time for the world of haul truck tires.

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Image credit: Elko Daily

Arizona Residents Shine Spotlight on Their Place in U.S. Mining Industry History

Many states can lay claim to a place in the development of the U.S. mining industry, but Arizona residents are doing something to ensure that their state’s contribution is not forgotten.

First, small-town residents are working to ensure that former mining towns don’t die out completely. In early May of 2015, Skip Descant of the Desert Sun wrote a stirring piece encouraging travelers and hikers to consider staying in the quaint hotels of Jerome, Arizona, while availing themselves of hikes on mining trails nearby.

After describing the city’s rich mining history, the writer makes a serious case for investing in a visit:

[I]f you’re looking for Starbucks and corporate brand hotels and restaurants, Jerome is not for you. Stick to Sedona. However, if you’d rather visit a place that somehow seemed to just skip the second half of the 20th century, Jerome is a terrific and still mostly authentic find. (Desert Sun)

But Arizona’s small towns are not the only places investing attention in mining history. Phoenix residents have been working doggedly to have the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum reopened to the public since its untimely closing in 2011. The high support levels given to this project by area residents proves that they have a vested interest in keeping their place in the history of U.S. mining alive and well.

Since the growth of the mining industry was a direct cause of the development of many western states, we’re glad to see more people taking an interest in preserving this important part of American history.

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Image credit: “High street Jerome, Arizona”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Fresh Developments in Mexican Mining Industry’s Interactions with Cartels

Throughout the spring months, we’ve been keeping you apprised of the Mexican mining industry‘s ongoing problems with drug cartels. In mid-April, we brought you the story of a sweeping crime wave involving theft, kidnapping, and murder. Then in early May came the heartening news that U.S. and Canadian-owned mines had begun taking steps to ramp up security at their facilities in Mexico, stating that the safety and security of their workers was a prime concern.

Now, fresh reports from Mexico, have proven troubling. On May 11, the Latin America Herald Tribune reported that specific mining firms within Mexico had decided to attempt cutting a deal with the cartels.

“We ask the mafia for permission, the organized crime groups, and we are able to (operate). Things get resolved because there are negotiations by the companies,” [said Manuel] Reyes, [president of AIMMGM]. (LAHT)

Reyes further reports that while the negotiations have shown results in the areas of kidnapping and extortion, the robberies have continued unabated.

Whether or not negotiation is the best tactic in the long run still remains to be seen, but with all other means failing to make headway against the cartels, some within the Mexican-based mining industry feel that they have no other option.

Barring direct intervention from an unforeseen source, the situation in Mexico is unlikely to resolve itself any time soon. It’s our hope, however, that Mexican law enforcement will soon prove itself effective in dealing with the cartels, leaving the Mexican mines ample opportunity to flourish.

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Image credit: Drug Money and weapons seized by the Mexican Police and the DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration via Wikimedia Commons

Michelin Pushes the Envelope with New “Tweel” OTR Tires

Michelin X Tweel on skid steer loaderFor the past fifteen years, Michelin has been working to produce airless loader tires. Although the concept may sound surprising to some, the stated goal was to produce a heavy-duty tire that would never go flat.

In the end they succeeded, but the process wasn’t cheap. According to Popular Science, the company spent fifty million dollars bringing their dream to life and building a factory dedicated to building the X Tweel. That may sound like a hefty price tag, but descriptions of the end product make it sound as if this was money well invested:

Unlike pneumatic tires, which cushion rides using a bed of pressurized air, the X Tweel uses a combination of deformable polyurethane spokes, a steel-and-rubber outer rim, and rigid metal hub. The outer rim—called a shear beam—carries most of the load. The spokes and hub distribute the load across different parts of the shear beam as the tire rolls over objects. (Popular Science)

A combination tire-and-wheel, the Tweel is not indestructible (it can still be bent and/or damaged by impact or obstacles), but the weight-saving advantages and the impossibility of going flat still combine to bring exciting new benefits to the world of loader tires.

The good news is that working equipment operators aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this technology. Polaris now offers airless tires for ATVs, bringing buyers one step closer to building their very own “post-apocalyptic four-wheelers.”

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Image credit: “MICHELIN X-Tweel on Skid Steer” by TweelTech – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons